8 Sep 2014

The Other Woman latest

I thought I'd retrospectively post about some of the recent shows that went out and that you might have missed whilst on holiday in August. They are all available to listen to at The Other Woman show page on the Amazing Radio website.

The latest show features multi talented Scottish folkee and former TOW guest Jo Mango who has remixed her beautiful second album Murmuration, Transmuration is out in October. We've got a track from the young London artist everyone's talking about, FKA Twigs, also Roxanne De Bastion got in touch about her new EP and it's really very good - standard! There's also some Irish traditional music courtesy of Cork's Polly Barrett. 

The week before (30 Aug) we featured the new single from Swedish husband and wife duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums, The Offbeat. It was also a the perfect excuse for us to post this picture of them looking cool on even cooler bikes. They can do no wrong!

We’ve been enjoying Mariam the Believer’s solo material but it’s great to hear from them as a duo again. There’s an unintentional Brighton love in with new music from Kate Daisy Grant, Cate Ferris and Kathrin De Boer and Natalie McCool’s new single gets a spin.
Join us on Saturday from 5pm!

And on 24 August we had a sessions special. Featuring the best of who has popped into the studio lately to play for us. Here’s just a taste of when Caitlin Rose stopped by, the uber talented Nashville singer songwriter was promoting her brilliant album The Stand In.

Also to be included in this special hours worth of broadcasting will be London dark folk artist Madam, singer songwriter De’Borah, Lithuanian songstress Johanna Glaza, London band Keebo, the gorgeous voice of Gabby Young and Kansas City girl Piney Gir. We’ve been lucky!