10 Apr 2014

Bethia Beadman in session

Described by Amanda Palmer as sitting somewhere between Cat Power, Nick Drake and Scott Walker, London based Bethia Beadman reveals her new video for Mary exclusively here on Amazing Radio. The new album Chinatown is soaked in Phil Spector-esque production and big, strong melodies. There’s no acoustic noodling here, this is the sound of a confident artist who is poised for greatness album number three.

We had her in session on The Other Woman on Amazing Radio, you can hear that here:

We also premiered her video for Mary on the Amazing Radio website:

Although currently without a label there’s plenty of interest around this west country girl who toured with Courtney Love playing keyboards. Finding her singing voice through meditation there’s something positively other worldly about Bethia. She says of the video:
Mary is a hot ‘n’ rockin’ hula hoop of a tune, grooving without worry like a Western girl with raven hair, laced up boots and hat sharp to the wind. We earn our archetypal medallions, Stark Soul. They serve us so because we have won them absolutely. A drum beat, a girl, a vision in the Monastery of Timiou Stavros.
A man died recently, shortly after he finished painting the chapel, whilst watching up to the sky. Oh Lord, why do you cover yourself in so much blue that I cannot see you?”
The album has been mixed under the direction of Mike Mills (REM) on the West Coast in Malibu and Silver Lake. “Chinatown is everywhere: a place in all our psyches, unconnected to any land,” says Bethia. “We don’t even know what it is, let alone where it is or what is going down. Everything that happens here, happened. What is more, there is usually just too much magic to even fit in a song.”
Watch this space…

Mary from Bethia Beadman on Vimeo.