24 Oct 2013

Wilsen in session and interview

Tamsin Wilsen in action
I've raved about Wilsen before - in fact it was on The Other Woman on Amazing Radio at the beginning of the year that we had a chat, her first radio interview as it was. Since then she's released a stunner of an album, Sirens, and has been building a following and a band in New York (she's British). It's the voice and the effortless whistling which grabs you initially - I was so glad to find this picture of Tamsin mid-whistle, it's awe-inspiring! The album floats easily between intricate folk melodies to sudden bursts of folk rock which such ease, it was a joy to catch the band live at CMJ Music Marathon in New York last week. Amazing Radio recorded a session with the band which you can hear below, plus my interview with her for The Other Woman.


Wilsen in session for Amazing Radio