23 Sep 2013

Caitlin Rose live session: with new single Waitin'

Nashville's Caitlin Rose

Nashville's Caitlin Rose popped into Amazing Towers in Newcastle to record some session tracks for us at Amazing Radio. Stripped down like this her already crystal clear and immediately recognisable voice is fore fronted beautifully. She performed her latest single Waitin' and two more from her stunner of an album The Stand In. I've reposted the interview we did back in April too.

14 Sep 2013

Femme - Laura Bettinson in conversation


Young producer, songwriter, singer and musician Laura Bettinson was swept into the limelight recently by joining Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich's new project Ultraista. Fronting the three piece electro band with her silvery vocal she's been on telly in the States and received a ton of press attention.

Misty Miller session for Amazing Radio

Misty Miller
19 year old Londoner Misty Miller used to wear floral dresses and play the ukulele. After a Dylan-goes-electric moment she plugged in, got busy with some black eye liner and worked on her vocals to match an electric guitar... the result is fantastic. Here she is in session for my show on Amazing Radio:

Misty Miller - Taxi Cab