14 Dec 2012

Best tracks of 2012 part 1...

Sharon van Etten
It's been so hard to pin down the best tracks of the year, it's been an amazing year for women in music. I'll post the 'listen again' players as we go, there are two more shows to come - here's last Sunday's:

A stormer of a playlist featuring Sharon Van Etten (who’s easily my artist of the year), the show will also feature Mary Epworth, Smoke Fairies, Piney Gir, Nadine Shah, Emily Barker and more… have a listen for the full whammy and keep listening all month to make sure you’ve crossed off all the big hitters of 2012.

Here they are:

Sharon Van Etten - Serpents
Standard Fare - Girlfriend
Piney Gir - Outta Sight
Nadine Shah - Never Tell Me Mam
Laura Gibson - The Fire
Natalie McCool - America
Moulettes - Uca’s Dance
Mary Epworth - Come Back to the Bough
Two Wings - Feet
Smoke Fairies - Let Me Know
Emily Barker - Tuesday
Hysterical Injury - Icebreak
Oh! My Blackbird - Dare Me
Anna Lena & The Orchids - View of My Sanity
The Belle Game - Wait Up For You
Jesca Hoop - Born To