26 Jun 2012

Latest listening: The Systematics and Rebecca Jade

Rebecca Jade

Rebecca Jade - Well

Rebecca Jade is a Welsh guitarist and songwriter living in London and, lucky for you, she's just released her debut album The Distaff Muse. This video was made by shouting out to followers on Twitter who were each featured alongside one line of the song. It's charming, DIY and completely suits the slightly shambolic off-kilter vibe of the track. This ain't no straight forward indie rock record neither, Rebecca has teamed up with saxophone, organ, piano, flute... it's all a bit psychedelic and we love it.

The Systematics - It Hurts

A mutual love of rock 'n roll and the films of Russ Meyer bonded Roxie and George when they met at University and The Systematics were born. It Hurts is a joyful blend of moody guitar riffs and a rocking shalala chorus, and another fantastic DIY video. Both this track and the B side Beat Up My Brow are available to download for free here.