16 May 2012

Amazing Radio listen again with Vuvuvultures

On this week’s show we have our most riotous interview yet. Vuvuvultures are four musicians who make the kind of hip swaggeringly fine music that you wish you were them, just a little bit. Turns out I went to school with Paul’s (the producer and techie brains behind the band) girlfriend. He’s South African and so are Matt and Nicole, they’re joined by the achingly cool Harmony Boucher on vocals, she’s Australian but now firmly ensconced in London as are they all. Their recent EP is achingly cool, but not in that overdone east London type hipster way - these are four really strong tracks with great melodies and a soccer-punch of a beat. 

Brighton’s brilliant Great Escape showcase of new music this weekend will either swallow me whole or I’ll emerge victorious with an interview with Brazilian electro-Queen Anna-Anna who performs there on Friday afternoon. We also have Gabby Young’s new single: she-who-has-one-of-the-best-voices-ever, plus a new track from the Barcelona based duo Orlando who make songs that make you want to weep - summed up in this recent video they’ve made for Love Is A River:

We hear a new track from Citizen Helene (she’s mates with our favourite psych-prog troubadour Mary Epworth and equally as fab), the dubiously named Smears who make punk rock, lo-fi indie loveliness from Boston’s Fat Creeps, and shock-horror, we REALLY like Pixie Geldof’s band Violet, also Nashville newbies Rossi and a stinking remix from Poppy Perezz...