1 May 2012

Latest listening: Janine and the Mixtape/ Colour Me Wednesday

WARNING: THIS WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR DAYS. It's the voice (take note The Voice tv show fans - this is how it's done) and one hell of a hook. Janine Foster fronts Janine and the Mixtape: she sings, writes the songs, produces, plays synths, sorts out the beats - the works. A New Zealander who has spent time in New York and evidently immersed herself in the global electro hip-hop scene, there's a buzz building... watch this space!

Ah what a wonderful slice of indie pop goodness from Uxbridge band Colour Me Wednesday fronted by Jennifer Doveton, with her sister Harriet and Sam Brackley making up the rest of the band. They're gigging and readying their debut album, which sounds like it will be full of punchy, rocking little songs, which benefit from Jennifer's clear, charmingly London-accented vocal and clever lyrics like: 'When we get home we pretend that we're the only ones in a sea of dickheads...' Also check out Purge Your Inner Tory ;)