17 May 2012

Latest listening: Emorie and Rossi

Emorie - Change

This Toronto band have just released this single and video, they're first, and an extremely promising sign of things to come. The debut album Never Goes Away will be coming soon from Adm and Hunter, Hunter is who you hear on vocals and she's who messaged TOW on Facebook asking for us to share the love. Happily. There's a quality to Hunter's voice that's timeless, miles apart from the reverb drenched lo-fi vocals currently en vogue. Change is confident, cool and cut through with beautiful, glitchy instrumentation. 

Rossi - Ossetia

Musician Thom Donovan and Nashville singer-songwriter Kendall Morgan met over dinner at the home of a mutual friend, who now manages them as Rossi. Allison Nellis knew a good thing when she heard it too then. Kendall has one of those voices, striking, flawed, utterly compelling. The good people who choose the music for CBS drama The Good Wife (a firm fave here at TOW Towers) have featured them in the hit series and we're really pleased Thom tweeted us with a link to their Soundcloud. Already a favourite of key bloggers, these two are ones to watch: