29 May 2012

Latest listening Pisces and Forgetful Florence

Pisces - Voodoo

Sarah Negahdari is the guitar-toting frontwoman of LA psych-rockers Happy Hollows who themselves have a new album on the horizon but more on that later. This is her side project, more whimsical folk and psychedelic than what she does with HH, Pisces is what you'd get if you stripped back the noise and chaos of HH with Sarah's voice fore-fronted. Beautiful stuff.

22 May 2012

Amazing Radio listen again: Mary Epworth and Me and My Drummer

Kicking off the show this week we have the new single from all female alt-choir Gaggle, Army of Birds, which sets the tone of the show brilliantly::

17 May 2012

Latest listening: Emorie and Rossi

Emorie - Change

This Toronto band have just released this single and video, they're first, and an extremely promising sign of things to come. The debut album Never Goes Away will be coming soon from Adm and Hunter, Hunter is who you hear on vocals and she's who messaged TOW on Facebook asking for us to share the love. Happily. There's a quality to Hunter's voice that's timeless, miles apart from the reverb drenched lo-fi vocals currently en vogue. Change is confident, cool and cut through with beautiful, glitchy instrumentation. 

16 May 2012

Amazing Radio listen again with Vuvuvultures

On this week’s show we have our most riotous interview yet. Vuvuvultures are four musicians who make the kind of hip swaggeringly fine music that you wish you were them, just a little bit. Turns out I went to school with Paul’s (the producer and techie brains behind the band) girlfriend. He’s South African and so are Matt and Nicole, they’re joined by the achingly cool Harmony Boucher on vocals, she’s Australian but now firmly ensconced in London as are they all. Their recent EP is achingly cool, but not in that overdone east London type hipster way - these are four really strong tracks with great melodies and a soccer-punch of a beat. 

8 May 2012

Latest listening: Supertalented/ Jane Joyd

Supertalented is Noa Kurzweil and friends: they make short, weird, lo-fi pop tunes about, well, cheesecake and potatoes and things... Weight Watchers and Plus Size are the two albums she's released on netlabel Birdsong and every song is shorter and sweeter than the next. The tag line is: "Supertalented are super Lo-Fi for Superpeople." High five! Thanks to Greg Healey for the tip.

7 May 2012

Amazing Radio listen again with She Makes War and Zara McFarlane

This week on the show jazz-soul singer Zara McFarlane drops in for a chat about her debut album released last year on Brownswood Recordings. Turns out sorta-stalking label boss and DJ Gilles Peterson on Twitter paid off!

There's new music from Brighton band Us Baby Bear Bones, Cardiff via the west country Laurence Made Me Cry who has just announced her album fundraiser (sponsume link), a track from Ellen and the Escapades brilliant Amazing Session, some doom-folk from 23 year old Ethiopian born Finland bred songstree Mirel Wagner and Dimbleby & Capper’s Laura Bettinson’s latest project Eckoclick. Also a remix from London electro-threesome Nedry’s new remix album out soon. 

1 May 2012

Latest listening: Janine and the Mixtape/ Colour Me Wednesday

WARNING: THIS WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR DAYS. It's the voice (take note The Voice tv show fans - this is how it's done) and one hell of a hook. Janine Foster fronts Janine and the Mixtape: she sings, writes the songs, produces, plays synths, sorts out the beats - the works. A New Zealander who has spent time in New York and evidently immersed herself in the global electro hip-hop scene, there's a buzz building... watch this space!