24 Apr 2012

Latest listening: Sophie Jamieson/ Mensch

Sophie Jamieson - The Harbour Wall

The best thing about being part of a network of new music fanatics, is getting tips from your mates. Skopje puts on acoustic nights in Watford, north London, and always nabs himself the best of line ups. Sophie Jamieson is one such tip he sent over to me, and this song The Harbour Wall is just beautiful. And we're not biased that she's singing about Dublin at all - but being married to a Dubliner, I like to think I've stood at that very spot on Dublin harbour wall, tasted the salt and felt that breeze...

Mensch - Kraut Ever

Back to that network of music fanatics. A tweet from Stephy, who has a radio show Babes in Boyland in France much like The Other Woman, with a link to Mensch's self-titled debut album which has just come out. They're a French duo Vale Poher and Carine Di who've been involved in various projects separately over the years, but have found a home together in Mensch. I found this on a Jewish website: A mensch literally means "a person" in Yiddish, but figuratively it means something much deeper... A mensch is a highly evolved human being. Vale and Carine say their music is somewhere between LCD Soundsystem and Blondie but I reckon it's way more 'highly evolved' than that ;) Note: There's a free four track EP, Dance and Die, if you enter your email address at their website. Here's a great live video too: