5 Mar 2012

6M picks: Vague-à-bonde & Ghost in Saturn?

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here

Vague-à-bonde - MV


This little slice of pop loveliness is from V.A.B's debut release Involution/Evolution which is out now. Nicole Brenny is a 23 year old bedroom producer from Minneapolis, she says: “It’s beat-driven bedroom pop. It’s basically Fleetwood Mac meets K-pop.” Whatever it is it's catchy as hell and we're a fan of the layered vocals, which admittedly is achingly hip and getting a bit tired these days, but with beautifully crafted pop beds like on this track she's onto a real winner. Watch this space!

Ghost in Saturn? - Dusk


What a pairing these two tracks make together! Ghost in Saturn are a French duo consisting of Guillaume Asseline (aka Moon Pilot) and Malika Nid El Mourid. The two of them cite the likes of David Lynch and Lars Von Trier as much of an influence as PJ Harvey and Patti Smith, and there is certainly something deliciously cinematic about the few tracks on their Soundcloud. They're definitely operating on another level, planetary that is, and when the time comes, we're on the first shuttle out there!