26 Mar 2012

6 Music picks: Nedry & Vuvuvultures

Well, it's the end of an era. 6 Music Introducing airs for the last time next weekend. I played my final set of picks on the show this morning, almost three years to the day since my first spot. Tom Robinson has always been The Other Woman's biggest advocate and fan, he's a joy to broadcast with and is the most generous presenter I've ever had the pleasure to work with. 

Introducing continues on the BBC, on other networks, but it's a crying shame that 6 Music feels it isn't part of its remit anymore. Maybe they think that all the shows play new bands all the time anyway, so what's the point? But I disagree, Introducing is a unique system for bands without any cash, to put it bluntly, to get airplay. 

Well, we're moving on. Fresh on the Net is Tom's website and he's handpicked a team of bloggers to share tips with you, lucky listener, join us there... it feels like the beginning of something very exciting.

This week, Tom asked me to play him one of my early tips, in a Look How Far They've Come stylee... and then a hot pick that is really doing it for me right now. So here they are:

Nedry - Squid, Cat, Battle

Nedry are Londoners Chris Amblin and Matt Parker on knobs, buttons, guitars and twiddly bits and Japanese singer Ayu on vocals. They formed in 2008 and shortly afterwards joined TOW for a live session on Resonance FM, which blew the roof off. Every bit of kit was peaking into the red, the engineer and I just sat back and gave up. Since then they've released two albums, their latest on Monotreme Records, they've received airplay all over the shop, played SXSW and toured America. In short, they rock and are every bit a great example of what Introducing is all about.

20 Mar 2012

6 Music picks: Citi Petts & Hi-Fiction Science

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here

Well this tune just automatically puts a big smile on our dial. Pumping electro pop with a great little vocal riff. This trio from Liverpool are fronted by big mouth Lizzie O'Neill, discovered at a house party dance off (er, can we come next time?) the two boys who produce and provide the stomping backing track knew they were onto something special. Saint Signal release this on the 26th March and no, we can't find much info about this independent label either. Embrace the madness and do a silly hipster head bop to this record... oh, and buy it whydoncha!

12 Mar 2012

Amazing Radio listen again with Natalie McCool

 We kick off this week’s show with two tracks from a great little Scottish indie - Soft Power Recordings. Based in the west side of Edinburgh they’re famous for releasing tapes and 7” vinyl along with their downloads. We here at TOW are proudly in possession of the new Trogons EP on a blue cassette! Now just gotta find something to play it on...

6Music picks: Sue Denim & Young Romance

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here

Sue Denim is one half of electro indie rockers Robot's In Disguise, with Dee Plume they've garnered something of a cult following. Appearances in The Mighty Boosh have helped them along and, of course, a string of excellent albums - culminating in Happiness v Sadness last year. Sue's solo project is quite different, sparse, whimsical, shot through with melancholy that doesn't quite marry with Sue herself! It's a beautiful solo effort and one that's got us mooning over a cuppa on a Sunday afternoon. You'll have to skip through to 1 hr 30 mins on the BBC listen again link to hear it.

5 Mar 2012

6M picks: Vague-à-bonde & Ghost in Saturn?

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here

Vague-à-bonde - MV


This little slice of pop loveliness is from V.A.B's debut release Involution/Evolution which is out now. Nicole Brenny is a 23 year old bedroom producer from Minneapolis, she says: “It’s beat-driven bedroom pop. It’s basically Fleetwood Mac meets K-pop.” Whatever it is it's catchy as hell and we're a fan of the layered vocals, which admittedly is achingly hip and getting a bit tired these days, but with beautifully crafted pop beds like on this track she's onto a real winner. Watch this space!

1 Mar 2012

The Other Woman Podcast with Amy Lamé

Photo by Tom Sheehan

Our second podcast of 2012 and we're thrilled to welcome Amy Lamé. Amy is a performer, radio and TV presenter, fellow podcaster (check out Homolab) feminist and former Mayoress of Camden.... amongst about a million other things, including co-founder of one of London's foremost gay club nights Duckie.

We talk: 20 years in London for this New Jersey girl, founding Duckie, gay politics in the media and general misogyny in gay culture PLUS fat politics and how you can support fat people without being fat! It's a state of mind, as Amy says: 'Fat people aren't going anywhere!'

We also chat about Amy's new one woman show, Unhappy Birthday, which you can see more info about here. One woman's obsession with Morrissey and having a birthday on the crappest day of the year: 3 January! Urgh!

We have a Lost Dame from journalist Jude Rogers in the shape of Kim Wilde and Stef Schadenfreude gets her teeth into the Brits and the Oscars... tasty! Ruth Barnes and Piney Gir convene in PG's wee flat in north London to string it all together. Magic! Don't forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe to us in iTunes if you will!  


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