28 Feb 2012

Amazing Radio feat Madam 26 February 2012


It’s a joyous thing to come back from holiday to an inbox full of new music. Reflected in tonight’s show of mostly first timers to Amazing Radio... Minnesota native bedroom producer Vague-A-Bonde, French electro duo Ghost in Saturn? and Brighton based one woman troubadour Bunty Looping are just some we are super excited about playing.
It’s about this time of year that bands scrimp together every last penny and try to get to the super-hyped industry showcase SXSW - that’s exactly what London based Italian shoegazers Lilies on Mars are doing... they’ve recorded this track especially for fans to buy with all the money going to their plane tickets, do the right thing and support them!

Sukie Smith aka Madam joins us for a chat about her superb and highly underrated album Gone Before Morning which she self-released last year... going from label to her own boss, how difficult has it been?

And finally we couldn’t not post the video for Nedry’s new single Violaceae - sheer electro pop genius: