1 Feb 2012

6 Music picks: Abi Wade & Emma Russack

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

Abi Wade - Stability

Not only a remarkable voice, also a talented multi-instrumentalist to boot. The cello being her instrument of choice on the ‘And Blood And Air EP’ which came out on great little Brighton indie Love Thy Neighbour Records. A one-woman band and production house, she’s honed her craft and stands poised to take on the industry in a rather fetching onesie...

Emma Russack - He Was My Family


Another stand out voice to arrive in our inbox - this time from Down Under. Melbourne to be precise - Emma’s debut album Sounds of our City is released on New Zealand indie Spunk Records in February and if this taster is anything to go by it’s a strong introduction to this singer-songwriter. Emma made her name on YouTube covering classics such as A Day In The Life, Love Will Tear Us Apart and My My Hey Hey - something that would ordinarily set our teeth on edge, but she does a jaw dropping job of making them her own. Her PR says: “Lyrically, Sounds of Our City explores letting go and severing ties, finding one’s place in the world, and wishing you were lying on a beach, cocktail in hand, instead of working at an Italian restaurant during Melbourne’s coldest winter in 50 years.” We’ve all been there honey!