2 Jan 2012

6Music Picks: Who should be big in 2012

Tom Robinson has been so good to The Other Woman. We’re heading into our third year of being his Girl Music Guru and he’s always enthusiastic, warm, genuinely interested in what we’re jibbering on about and our biggest fan (we like to think...) TOW is privileged to have ten minutes of his 6 Music Introducing show every week to showcase two bands we’ve decided need some serious airplay. For the New Year’s show though, we got a whole half hour! Whoop! Thank you Tom, you are the best.

Here we go, in no particular order, the band’s that (if we ruled the world) would be number 1 in 2012:

Hysterical Injury - Maths


Yes we know we’ve banged on about this band, along with most of the other new music bloggers out there. Hysterical Injury are just one of those bands who you wish would go stratospheric, they are grungy, DIY and have one helluva front woman in Annie Gardiner, how can they go wrong? With a debut album on the horizon (Dead Wolf Situation/ Crystal Fuzz/ Feb 6th) we’re excited... This noisy Bath-based duo may just make 2012 their own.

The Lovely Eggs - Allergies

Holly and David are musical genius. Holly is one of our all time favourite in-your-face, brilliantly talented front women and these two do things completely on their own terms. With the mighty Gruff Rhys on production duties on this Too Pure Singles Club released single, could 2012 be their year? It’s like, sheesh, five years too late if it is!

Lady Leshurr - Lego

This quick fire MC from Birmingham has been on our radar since early 2010 and we’ve been watching closely as her reputation has spread. Culminating in a New Band A Day nod from The Guardian’s Paul Lester recently and the release of her Off The Leash EP. Formidable and above all, she’s have a good time which is always fantastic to see!

The Horn The Hunt - Animal Magic

Clare Carter is another of our front women of 2011. Catching The Horn The Hunt live a few months ago the tiny blond singer is mesmerising. Their second album Depressur Jolie is dark and gloriously synth laden, with Clare’s vocals keeping it all together. This Leeds band are surely a cert to play some of the rockier festivals this year? Oh wait that would take creative, adventurous programming...

Chapter 24 - Spindle

Another band we’re hoping will take 2012 by the horns are Corby band Chapter 24. We’re big fans at TOW and Tom’s hugely into them too. Forget all the Riot Grrrl/ Slits comparisons - yes, there’s a girl on vocals but frankly that’s where it ends. Their heavy blend of funky spiky guitars and reverb heavy vocals result in something entirely poppy and psychedelic. A True Gem.