23 Jan 2012

6 Music picks: Strict Status and Joy Wellboy

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

Strict Status - Locked In

Scottish producer and musician Emma Welsby is one of a rare breed of female drum ‘n bass producers. As Strict Status she records, produces and provides the vocals on all her tracks, we like this one Locked In. A music degree at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and a successful professional session drumming career later she’s now teamed up with Neil Harvey to create Nova Code. Nova Code is a new collaborative project involving, er, well YOU if you like:
“This project incorporates live musicians, visual artists and anyone else we find along the way with insane abilities. The aim? To have everyone perform their contribution live in the form of a gig in August 2012.” Get in touch if that tickles your fancy!

Joy Wellboy - Within Another Dimension

It’s not often we here at TOW receive a missive from Brussels - Geert got in touch about a band on his label Doctor Vinyl Records called Joy Wellboy. Intrigued we took a listen and were immediately hooked by frontwoman Joy Adegoke and her producer/ musician partner Wim Janssens. The debut album Let’s Make Love Before We Die is, as they put it: “Not the gospel as we know it, and it's not quite the church as we know it…” Ok! Excellent. Either way it’s got us hooked and Joy is an eyeful, as you’ll see from their videos.