19 Dec 2011

6 Music picks: Death Rattle and Dominique Young Unique

Death Rattle - The Dig

A while ago when chatting to Tom on his show he mentioned That Mouth, a London band who he was very excited about. Whilst mooching around for tracks to play on Amazing Radio last month we thought we'd find out what they're up too - turns out after releasing their debut album in October, TM is no more... welcome Death Rattle! Their first single The Dig is a dark and brooding track with a rather freaky split-face video to go with it. TOW reckons Death Rattle are plumbing some sort synth-laden depths and we can't wait to hear their debut, which they've been recording across the channel in Normandy.

Dominique Young Unique - Life Of A Party

Whilst perusing Guardian journalist Paul Lester's playlist on the Amazing Radio website we came across this young, quick fire rapper from Tampa, Florida. She's just released her third mixtape Stupid Pretty, the follow up toDomination and Glamorous Touch which respectively spread like wildfire across the net. The title track of the mixtape has a fantastic video of Dominique in a tiny pair of bright orange pants and a t-shirt wandering around London Underground, much to the embarrassment of the regular commuters. Surely it's a matter of time before this one cracks day time Radio 1...

12 Dec 2011

6 Music picks: No Cars and 2:54

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.   

No Cars - Sellotape

How good is this video? Talk about capturing the vibe of a band and the atmosphere of a gig - pure joy in this case. No Cars are Haruna, Sachi and Kyoko who've released their debut album Yoko Eats Whales this year. Haruna tells TOW that 'we are gathered to save the earth, or kidnapped from Tokyo'... the truth though is that they met at her ex's gig. She goes on to say they're influences are: 'Vegetables. I don't listen to music much but the other girls in the band like juke box the ghost.(I don't know who they are)'. Officially they're 17, don't worry girls we won't spill the beans on how old you really are - not that it matters to us! But if Flo can do it so can you ;)

2:54 - Scarlet 

London based sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow are 2:54, with the help of Alex Robins and Joel Porter. This gloomy but very polished pop group recently supported hipsters Bos Angeles in the UK and will be touring with The Big Pink in February. Someone's got them on the fast track as they've already worked with producer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) and look set to make great waves. It's all a bit moody, don't bloody smile whatever you do... diggin' this track (Serious Face).

5 Dec 2011

6 Music picks: Dreama and We Spies

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

Dreama - Somethin Yesterday

Ah bliss, we finally get to play Dreama on BBC 6 Music! As we suspected, Tom R. is now a big fan and she's getting more play on his excellent show. Dreama is a young MC from west London who got in touch with TOW and pointed us towards her mixtape A Dreama's Reality which is available for free at her website. Dreama aka Martina Simon has written poetry since she was a young thing and says she naturally moved into rap and music. TOW loves this track for it's simple, hardcore electro back beat and her cheeky vocal. Check out her website too for her excellent and very informative blog!

We Spies - The Sea, You See

  The Sea, You See by WeSpiesUK 

Now to a young Brighton band who we can't stop listening too. Headed up by singer Lucy Elliot We Spies call themselves 'ambient indie' and that does them justice to some extent. But it's Lucy's frantic on-the-edge vocal style which sets them apart from their peers. Lucy is joined by Joel Frosh, Ed Davis and Joe Spencer.