17 Oct 2011

6 Music picks: Bambikill & Novella

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.   

*Bambikill - Forever Will Burn

   Forever will burn by bambikill

Interesting soundscape noodlings from this Bristol lass have caught our attention this week. A solo artist who makes emotional soundscapes that are inspired by 'the unseen world, dreams and visions, feeling lost and lonely sometimes and trying to find some meaning in being a living human being and in death...' she tells us. Bambikill's next album will be dedicated to Joey Chainsaw, her ex collaborator and fiancee who passed away earlier this year. Influences come in the shape of Kurt Cobain, Fursaxa, Bardo Pond and Grouper. We're expecting soft, sad, melodic sounds...

*Novella - The Things You Do

Novella - The Things You Do from Novella Novella on Vimeo.

We announced our new show on Amazing Radio today and we're chuffed to be joining a fine stable of presenters... including Mark Ryan who helms the brilliant Amazing Beats show every Friday. Mark is also a good one for tips and he tipped us this little gem from London's lo-fi pop scene. Mark says: 'Really nice almost Riot girl with a dark dark grunge element. Guitars that never give up'. We say, hell yes!