26 Oct 2011

6 Music picks: The Van Allen Belt & Silvermoths

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

*The Van Allen Belt - Out To Lunch

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this band have been described as making music that's: “soaringly epiphanic and euphoric post-everything meditations on 21st century America" by none other than Julian Cope! We kinda can't compete with that can we? But we LOVE this track... the soaring chorus of backing vocals, big cymbal crashes and strong vocals from frontwoman Tamar Kamin. It's a power ballad for the indie generation. The album Superpowerfragilis: Or How I Learned To Stop Caring And Love The Drug is out now and you can buy it at the Bandcamp above.

*Silvermoths - Superhero
Then we come to this beautiful wee ditty. Silvermoths are a west London band.
That's Emma Churchly on the soft whispery vocals and various instruments partnered with guitarist and songwriter Kaziu Gill... both make up the flame around which the Silvermoths fly. Sorry that's super cheesey but we couldn't help ourselves! If you can't be cheesey on your own blog then when can you be?! Either way there's something seriously magical about this band, we look forward to more.

17 Oct 2011

6 Music picks: Bambikill & Novella

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.   

*Bambikill - Forever Will Burn

   Forever will burn by bambikill

Interesting soundscape noodlings from this Bristol lass have caught our attention this week. A solo artist who makes emotional soundscapes that are inspired by 'the unseen world, dreams and visions, feeling lost and lonely sometimes and trying to find some meaning in being a living human being and in death...' she tells us. Bambikill's next album will be dedicated to Joey Chainsaw, her ex collaborator and fiancee who passed away earlier this year. Influences come in the shape of Kurt Cobain, Fursaxa, Bardo Pond and Grouper. We're expecting soft, sad, melodic sounds...

*Novella - The Things You Do

Novella - The Things You Do from Novella Novella on Vimeo.

We announced our new show on Amazing Radio today and we're chuffed to be joining a fine stable of presenters... including Mark Ryan who helms the brilliant Amazing Beats show every Friday. Mark is also a good one for tips and he tipped us this little gem from London's lo-fi pop scene. Mark says: 'Really nice almost Riot girl with a dark dark grunge element. Guitars that never give up'. We say, hell yes! 

12 Oct 2011

Marissa Nadler interview: making music and performing strictly on her own terms


TOW met Boston guitarist and singer songwriter Marissa Nadler ahead of a show at London's Bush Hall. Armed with guitars and a weighty transistor, she plays solo and after years of struggling with stage fright, she says: 'It's worth getting over it'.

We talk about breaking out on her own with this eponymous album on her Box of Cedar Records, the joy of 'getting' finger-picking right for the first time, her unique sound and, like everyone, having ups and downs along the way.

Unsure about continuing with touring after years of traipsing the globe, Marissa Nadler said she may consider this her last. But then in a tweet after the show at Bush Hall, she says, scrap that - the audience were so lovely, she'll definitely be back. Gotta love London audiences - you guys did good!

Oh, and check out this gorgeous version and free download of Leonard Cohen's Winter Lady which popped up on her soundcloud recently:


10 Oct 2011

6 Music picks: Maria and the Gay & Liz Green

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... This week, we sat in for the WHOLE SHOW - hurrah for Tom Robinson! 

You can listen again here.   
It was a Girl Music Special so we plugged into some of the latest favourites uploaded onto the Introducing Uploader for two hours of great tracks, aswell as our usual picks for the week below.

*Maria and the Gay - Daddy's Bulge
We are already in love with this DIY Manchester council flat duo (their tags, not ours!). Their debut record Greatest Hits Vol 1 is out on Big Print Records on October 18th, run by Robert from The Nightingales and home of other TOW faves Hotpants Romance. Maria Dada is from Lebanon and Amy Pennington is from 'The North', they make electro-pop and short kick ass indie tunes in their Manchester council flat and are poised to take over the world. With track titles like 'Motherfolkers', 'Pushy Mum' and 'I Wannabe In Democracy', how can you not love them?



*Liz Green - Hey Joe

Liz Green is offering up Hey Joe as a free download and we heartily encourage you to get your hands on it: http://soundcloud.com/lizgreenmusic/hey-joe/s-8lk7H 

The Manchester singer songwriter's debut album O, Devotion is out on Play It Again Sam Records on the 14th November and we can't wait to give the whole thing a spin. News from the Liz Green camp seemed to die down after the hoo ha that surrounded her performance on the main stage at Glastonbury in 2007 (after winning their Emerging Talent comp). It's been 4 years and NOW we can sit back and enjoy a full, fully accomplished and very beautiful record. Hurray!

Here's Displacement Song to listen too while you download:


3 Oct 2011

6 Music: Genius Collective & The Liminanas our picks for Introducing

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

Genius Collective - Future (Breaks)

We really like this lot, a bunch of uber talented musicians fronted by one fine singer Kezia Johnson equals something funky, fresh and entirely NOT derivative which is always refreshing. They're a seven piece from Birmingham with an EP due out later in the year, this track Future is a free download - here.

The Liminanas - I'm Dead

This band seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet since releasing this in May last year. We've just stumbled across it and really love what they - were? - doing. This French trio are everything you'd expect from a band like this: dark haired, black polo-neck bedecked skinny kids who you know will survive on nothing but nicotine and Vin Rouge...