12 Aug 2011

New music from Ellie Rumbold/ Suburban Mousewife/ Anna-Anna

Ellie Rumbold

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*Sigh* Ellie Rumbold is only 16. Think back to what you were doing at 16... were you playing thoughtful, sweet and finger-pickingly beautiful folk tunes? Well, we sure weren't. Time was spent mainly watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice box set, eating huge piles of peanut butter and honey on toast and wondering mournfully where our Mr Darcy was. Ellie plays the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell on the 31 August and it's free... get down there!

Suburban Mousewife - Hack Attack

  Latest tracks by Suburban Mousewife

Mums in a punk band... after having kids and now into their forties, these women decided to pick up their guitars again and rekindle their punk careers - cue some loud, thrashy noisy tunes. Also, Delia Sparrow, The Lexington booker and regular Girl About Town on The Other Woman Podcast is in this band, so thumbs up from us. Suburban Mousewife rock... songs about botox, getting hassled in the street and more... listen and download below, and check out the Woman's Hour (!) interview, which will tell you more here.
Anna-Anna - Last Night I Lit The Moon

Manuela Leal is from Rio de Janeiro and makes astonishingly weird and yet extraordinarily pleasing electronic music. Don't expect to be easily buoyed along by these songs tapping your footsies, you need to do some work and LISTEN. When you do you'll be delighted and also ever so slightly weirded out. In a good way. Thanks for emailing us Manuela...