24 Aug 2011

Alice & the Enemies and Rachael Dadd - BBC 6Music Introducing

After a summer break, TOW is back with Tom Robinson on his brilliant BBC 6 Music Introducing show as his Girl Music Guru, bringing him two artists every week for his (and your) listening pleasure. You can tune in and listen again here. Last week it was Tiny Ruins and Emma Heartbeat, this week:

Alice & the Enemies - Touching Boys in Supermarkets

You know Alice Gun? The singer songwriter from north London who made her fantastic debut this year with Blood & Bone on Ambiguous Records? Well, guess what, she was in a rock band and Ambiguous have decided to re-release some old stuff - yeahhh! The frankly brilliant Touching Boys In Supermarkets... listen below. This is Alice pre-poised, almost regal, as she is now - it's all a bit raucous and sweaty, we love it. You can hear Alice talking about Blood & Bone on The Other Woman Podcast here.

Rachael Dadd  - Tower Tower

Bristol's Rachael Dadd has travelled far and wide in her time, so far in fact that she made this record in Japan. Dedicees will know that she's married to Ichi - as in Ichi and the Hand, see them live on the same bill and you get a doubly awesome earful. Rachael's new album Bite The Mountain is the follow up to 2009's Moth in the Motor and, as described by Broken Sound Music on their website, she sounds 100% the wide eyed traveller and armed with banjo, uke and a multitude of other instruments she's the master of, she's created another quiet masterpiece.