27 May 2011

Hurray for the Riff Raff's Alynda Lee Segarra on new album and tour


Hurray for the Riff Raff are the sound of New Orleans' 'new buskers' ie. the young generation of musicians who've come to the city and absorbed the age old musical traditions and added their own modern twist. If you read up about HFTRR online there are stories of frontwoman Alynda Lee Segarra leaving New York at the tender age of 17 and 'hopping freight trains'... not believing Wikipedia on this one we put it to her and fiddle player and drummer Josi and lo and behold - that's exactly what they did. Only in America, hey? Listen in for track snippets from the album and what life could be like in New Orleans... trust us, it sounds dreamy.

Buy the superb record here.

19 May 2011

Minneapolis band Dark Dark Dark meets The Other Woman to talk about their new album Wild Go before heading out on tour with Low and The National


Dark Dark Dark are a phenomenal band from Minneapolis. Nona Marie Invie is the voice you'll hear on the songs and the interview is with her and songwriting partner Marshall LaCount. They've just released Wild Go on Melodic Records, the follow up to last year's much-blogged about EP Bright Bright Bright. Spell-binding and awe inspiring are the words that come to mind... We met at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill - and then the whiskey started flowing and Marshall showed us his 'coyote playing cats cradle' tattoo... a night out doesn't get better than that!

17 May 2011

The Other Woman on BBC 6 Music with Tom Robinson: new music from Lilies on Mars 'Aquariums Key' & Roxy Rawson 'Fingers'

Lilies on Mars - Aquariums Key

We LOVE this band... that refrain about the 'keeeeeys' will get stuck in your head whether you like it or not. Then again how could you NOT like the almost perfect slice of indie-pop that this three piece dish up. They call themselves 'experimental shoegaze' and they're based in London. Lisa and Marina have known each other for years and have done some uber-cool projects with the likes of Italian film icon Franco Battiato (film nerds will be suitably impressed, philistines like us will have to click here). Lilies on Mars welcomed drummer Matthew last year and produced their second album Wish You Were A Pony... which is out on Monday, Aquarium's Key is the joyous first single - out now.

Roxy Rawson - Fingers

Roxy Rawson's debut album is called Quenching the Kill, which she's self-releasing on her own label Polk Funk Records, try saying that quickly... Her biog is an impressive read Parisian conservatoires, classical piano training, African choirs and a passion for percussion - then there's what she's capable of on the violin too. All sickeningly brilliant. But vocally is where Roxy really does it for us, that voice - grabs you and commands attention. Check her out live if you can, you've never seen someone treat a violin like she does - it's beaten, rapped, plucked and allsorts.

16 May 2011

One-woman electronic New Zealander Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette's new album out now...


Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette first came to our attention a year or so ago, when a friend who works at Radio New Zealand pinged some MP3's over our way. Since then we've embarrassed ourselves by approaching Annabel after a gig at Dalston's Cafe Oto, complete with red-wine-teeth, to babble on about how much we like her music and that we played Donkey on the radio once. Live, she's surrounded by CRT monitors which create a visual treat of waveforms as Annabel plays along on various instruments. 

Now, and with a PR company behind her self-titled new album, the New Zealander finds herself living on the east coast of the US and facing a mini blog storm of reaction to the record. It's everything we love about Bachelorette - whirling, whizzing, thumping synthesisers and Annabel's quirky vocals lilting over the pounding soundscapes she single-handedly comes up with on every track. With a post-graduate in computer-based composition at the Universities of Canterbury and Auckland behind her... rest assured she does this all VERY well. 

Stand outs include the ethereal loveliness of Blanket (above) and round the camp fire sing-a-long The Light Seekers, the wah-wah's and shoe-shoe's of The Last Boat Is Leaving and the casual whistling on Tui Tui. Souterrain Transmissions releases the album on Monday 16 May. Go and purchase!


23/05/11    York (UK), The Duchess w/ The Phoenix Foundation
24/05/11    Newcastle (UK), The Cluny w/ The Phoenix Foundation
25/05/11    Edinburgh (UK), Cabaret Voltaire w/ The Phoenix Foundation
26/05/11    Glasgow (UK), Glasgow School of Art w/ The Phoenix Foundation

06/06/11    London (UK), CAMP Basement

9 May 2011

The Other Woman on BBC 6 Music Introducing with Tom Robinson: new music from Sound of Rum & Barbara Panther

Sound of Rum - Icarus

Every week TOW plays two songs for the brilliant Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show... here are our picks from this week's show:  

Flipping heck. First of all it's not often you hear someone 'spittin' rhymes' about Icarus... but Kate Tempest does and it's bloody brilliant. Kate's the fast rapping frontwoman of this band, signed to Sunday Best (Rob da Bank knows a good thing when he sees one) their debut album Balance is a wholly excellent listen. There's a white vinyl edition too - how cool is that? Oh and we've not even begun to namecheck all the DUDES who think Kate rocks: Roots Manuva: 'her works are truly of upliftment and betterment' and Scroobius Pip: 'It astounds me. Her writing is epic, her delivery piercing, and with the addition of her band her potential is realised. Inspirational'...

Barbara Panther - Moonlight People

We here at TOW towers are absolutely mind-blown by Barbara Panther's self-titled debut album, which is out on May 16th on City Slang. Barbara was born in Rwanda and grew up in Brussels, Belgium, before making her home in Berlin five years ago - did we hear a German inflection in her voice? Thought so! Oh, and she's worked with Matthew Herbert on this record too. Turn your headphones up and feast on this, the new single Moonlight People...

4 May 2011

The Other Woman on BBC 6 Music Introducing with Tom Robinson: new music from Kool Thing and Jude Cowan

Every week TOW plays two songs for the brilliant Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show... here are our picks from this week's show:  

Kool Thing - The Sign

Kool Thing
were formed in Paris last year - they are Berlin based and consist of an Irish lass and an Australian gal, truly global, non?! Jon Dark is a classically trained musician and provides the at once soothing and harmonious, then pounding synthesised loveliness underpinning Julie Chance's gorgeous vocals. There's a darkness and moodiness which runs throughout their sound reminiscent of some of the great Skando-dance we've heard these passed years from the likes of The Knife and Fever Ray.

Jude Cowan - Post-Tsunami mix

Jude Cowan works in a dungeon. Well, sort of. She's based in the basement of the ITN building on Gray's Inn Road in London and her job is to archive all the reems of Reuters news footage sent in daily from around the world. As you can imagine, that's a mighty undertaking and not just a bit depressing to boot. Conflict, disaster, starvation - you name it. Jude has turned this into poetry and music. She's somehow managed to find some beauty in all the carnage, and her music pays homage to those who suffer. Impressive. (And Jon Snow thinks she's cool)