11 Apr 2011

TOW on 6 Music - Seaming and Ana Silvera

Every week TOW plays two songs for the brilliant Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show... here are our picks from this week's show:  
Seaming - Dreaming
Seaming's debut solo album is out soon on Honalee Records and we await it's arrival with baited breath! You'll know this songstress' voice as she's been a staple vocalist for Ninja Tune's Homelife these passed few years, including being the stunning and, what we love about her the most, slightly weird voice on Mr Scruff's, Beyond. This track, Dreaming, is gorgeous... at once softly dark and mysterious and then operatic in it's scope.

Ana Silvera - Salome
TOW had the absolute pleasure of sharing a bottle of red wine with London born singer-songwriter Ana Silvera after Alice Gun's album launch a few week's ago. After giggling hysterically about dog's with underbites we discovered that Ana is a singer... well, she wasn't exactly forthcoming but our mutual friend Stuart wouldn't let us go home without yelling 'Ana Silvera! Salome!' at us several times. Ana is operatically trained and her songs are rooted in a classical sensibility and lyrics which seem better suited to a book of Rennaissance poems than 'modern' song lyrics. In Salome she breathe's new life into the figure from the New Testament... something about John the Baptist's head... Bible geeks will know what she's on about...