15 Apr 2011

The Other Woman interviews east London hipster duo Visions of Trees aka Joni and Sarah - talking synths, remixes and R&B

Joni and Sara are London duo Visions of Trees, labeled the 'new kings of UK miserablism' by RCRDLBL.com. They are doing an excellent job of making some distorted, synth-heavy, dreamy electro-pop which they assure TOW is heading is far more upbeat, R&B direction...

The power of the blogging fraternity is highlighted once again, as the duo only met a year ago but the buzz has been steadily increasing to what is now a frenetic roar - regarding their debut EP Sometimes It Kills, which is out on Moshi Moshi.

We met over a drink in east London, and one false start outta the way, we chuntered on about how they met, remixing Ashanti and how it would be nice if someone actually PAID them to do what they do!

You can catch them live at Camden Crawl, Great Escape and Glastonbury this year... as well as a show at Koko on April 24th.