26 Apr 2011

The Other Woman meets London trio Rayographs ahead of the launch of their debut album at Camp Basement

Rayographs are serving up their debut album, Rayographs (Desire), to the public this week, there's a God Don't Like It launch event at Camp Basement on Thursday too (28 April). We've had a sneak preview and love where these three have taken their sound... lots of fantastic melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and an originality which almost made us weep. Hurrah for the Rayographs! TOW met up with Astrud, Amy and Jess in The Horatia pub in north London to have a chat over a pint or two...

TOW on 6 Music: The Just Joans and Anguish Sandwich

Every week TOW plays two songs for the brilliant Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show... here are our picks from this week's show:  

The Just Joans - Your Pain Is A Joke Next To Mines

Major props to the brilliant Leg Guitar blog, the source of this pick for Tom's show. TOW has signed up to the mailing list and are thoroughly enjoying their mail outs. Check out the latest one about band's covering Madonna's True Blue... fabulous. Anywho, The Just Joans are based in Glasgow, originally from North Lanarkshire and have been around for ages! Plenty of back catalogue loveliness to get busy with then. They're signed to WeePop! Records and released their mini-album Your Pain Is A Joke Next To Mines recently. The name is in tribute to Scottish Daily Record's agony aunt of the same name... and their songs sort of have that bent to them - tortured love, wry but not too clever-and-smug songwriting and to top it all off a sensitive and beautiful approach to songwriting. Sit back... and enjoy.

Anguish Sandwich - Leave My Brain Alone

Catherine, John and Chris make up this 3 pieces from Northampton. It's so lo-fi it's practically off the meter... so lo-fi can sometimes be off-putting, you need catchy melodies too and Anguish Sandwich have them in spades. The EP No More Cows is available for free a their bandcamp page and you MUST download it immediately. With songs like Leave My Brain Alone which we played for Tom and the one accompanying this video (one of our best of 2011) it's such fun and has such 'tude! We love it. Also check out Chris East's blog, he's the brains behind the band and it's quite read.

18 Apr 2011

TOW on 6 Music - Emily and the Woods and The Werewanda's

Every week TOW plays two songs for the brilliant Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show... here are our picks from this week's show:  
Emily and the Woods - I Can't

First off TOW just has to say how excited we are that Emily and the Woods has agreed to support Madam at The Horatia on 30 April, we CANNOT wait to see her live! Emily plays guitar and sings, supported by 'The Woods' - ie her Dad, who has been a musician full time for 30 years, and her brother. Emily started playing and writing in her late teens, inspired by a solid roster of folk talent: Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Simon & Garfunkel. A recent Philosophy and Theology graduate from Exeter University, you can hear the influence of her studies in her lyrics... this tune she wrote for a friend who passed away and it gives us goosebumps everytime we hear it.

The Werewanda's - My Little Sister
The Werewandas have a fantastic sense of fun and it comes across in the tight little 60's-infused rock numbers they knock out. Also, TOW is biased as one of our favourite people is in the band - Delia Sparrow from The Lexington, well, you could argue she IS The Lexington and often our Girl About Town on the podcast... she's on guitar and you can hear her doing a fine job backing up 'Heavy Metal Lucy' on vocals...

You can download the debut release from this utterly rocking quintet for free at Where It's At Is Where You Are.

15 Apr 2011

The Other Woman interviews east London hipster duo Visions of Trees aka Joni and Sarah - talking synths, remixes and R&B

Joni and Sara are London duo Visions of Trees, labeled the 'new kings of UK miserablism' by RCRDLBL.com. They are doing an excellent job of making some distorted, synth-heavy, dreamy electro-pop which they assure TOW is heading is far more upbeat, R&B direction...

The power of the blogging fraternity is highlighted once again, as the duo only met a year ago but the buzz has been steadily increasing to what is now a frenetic roar - regarding their debut EP Sometimes It Kills, which is out on Moshi Moshi.

We met over a drink in east London, and one false start outta the way, we chuntered on about how they met, remixing Ashanti and how it would be nice if someone actually PAID them to do what they do!

You can catch them live at Camden Crawl, Great Escape and Glastonbury this year... as well as a show at Koko on April 24th.

11 Apr 2011

The Other Woman's Ruth Barnes presents 6 Mix on BBC 6 Music: 10 & 16 April

As part of 6 Music's 'Sunday Girl' day, 6 Music Introducing's Girl Music Guru Ruth Barnes looks at the best in new music from leftfield female electro artists in a special 6 Mix. From Miss Kitten's role in the electroclash scene to current dubstep pioneer Ikonika, female producers are often at the heart of the most innovative and progressive electronic movements of recent years. Ruth talks blogosphere favourite Glasser about her influences and there are also mini mixes from Berlin based producers and label bosses Anja Schneider and Ellen Allien, who have been at the forefront of the Berlin techno and electro scene for the last two decades. 

10 April 2000-2200
16 April 2200-0000

TOW on 6 Music - Seaming and Ana Silvera

Every week TOW plays two songs for the brilliant Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show... here are our picks from this week's show:  
Seaming - Dreaming
Seaming's debut solo album is out soon on Honalee Records and we await it's arrival with baited breath! You'll know this songstress' voice as she's been a staple vocalist for Ninja Tune's Homelife these passed few years, including being the stunning and, what we love about her the most, slightly weird voice on Mr Scruff's, Beyond. This track, Dreaming, is gorgeous... at once softly dark and mysterious and then operatic in it's scope.

Ana Silvera - Salome
TOW had the absolute pleasure of sharing a bottle of red wine with London born singer-songwriter Ana Silvera after Alice Gun's album launch a few week's ago. After giggling hysterically about dog's with underbites we discovered that Ana is a singer... well, she wasn't exactly forthcoming but our mutual friend Stuart wouldn't let us go home without yelling 'Ana Silvera! Salome!' at us several times. Ana is operatically trained and her songs are rooted in a classical sensibility and lyrics which seem better suited to a book of Rennaissance poems than 'modern' song lyrics. In Salome she breathe's new life into the figure from the New Testament... something about John the Baptist's head... Bible geeks will know what she's on about...