7 Mar 2011

Wendy James interview: she's in control

When TOW got an email with 'Hey Ruth, it's Wendy James here' in the subject line, we had one of those 'I love my job' moments. The singer who made her name as the in-your-face front woman with Transvision Vamp at the tender age of sixteen, released her first 'solo' album at the end of last year. I Came Here To Blow Minds is her first as Wendy James, but there's been plenty since the heady days of T-V. An album written especially for her by Elvis Costello and records as Racine... now she's Wendy James and we here at TOW towers are digging her latest release.

We met in a Notting Hill pub one cold February afternoon to talk Americana, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, guitars, Paris and staying in control... click on the pic to have a listen: