19 Dec 2011

6 Music picks: Death Rattle and Dominique Young Unique

Death Rattle - The Dig

A while ago when chatting to Tom on his show he mentioned That Mouth, a London band who he was very excited about. Whilst mooching around for tracks to play on Amazing Radio last month we thought we'd find out what they're up too - turns out after releasing their debut album in October, TM is no more... welcome Death Rattle! Their first single The Dig is a dark and brooding track with a rather freaky split-face video to go with it. TOW reckons Death Rattle are plumbing some sort synth-laden depths and we can't wait to hear their debut, which they've been recording across the channel in Normandy.

Dominique Young Unique - Life Of A Party

Whilst perusing Guardian journalist Paul Lester's playlist on the Amazing Radio website we came across this young, quick fire rapper from Tampa, Florida. She's just released her third mixtape Stupid Pretty, the follow up toDomination and Glamorous Touch which respectively spread like wildfire across the net. The title track of the mixtape has a fantastic video of Dominique in a tiny pair of bright orange pants and a t-shirt wandering around London Underground, much to the embarrassment of the regular commuters. Surely it's a matter of time before this one cracks day time Radio 1...

12 Dec 2011

6 Music picks: No Cars and 2:54

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.   

No Cars - Sellotape

How good is this video? Talk about capturing the vibe of a band and the atmosphere of a gig - pure joy in this case. No Cars are Haruna, Sachi and Kyoko who've released their debut album Yoko Eats Whales this year. Haruna tells TOW that 'we are gathered to save the earth, or kidnapped from Tokyo'... the truth though is that they met at her ex's gig. She goes on to say they're influences are: 'Vegetables. I don't listen to music much but the other girls in the band like juke box the ghost.(I don't know who they are)'. Officially they're 17, don't worry girls we won't spill the beans on how old you really are - not that it matters to us! But if Flo can do it so can you ;)

2:54 - Scarlet 

London based sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow are 2:54, with the help of Alex Robins and Joel Porter. This gloomy but very polished pop group recently supported hipsters Bos Angeles in the UK and will be touring with The Big Pink in February. Someone's got them on the fast track as they've already worked with producer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) and look set to make great waves. It's all a bit moody, don't bloody smile whatever you do... diggin' this track (Serious Face).

5 Dec 2011

6 Music picks: Dreama and We Spies

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

Dreama - Somethin Yesterday

Ah bliss, we finally get to play Dreama on BBC 6 Music! As we suspected, Tom R. is now a big fan and she's getting more play on his excellent show. Dreama is a young MC from west London who got in touch with TOW and pointed us towards her mixtape A Dreama's Reality which is available for free at her website. Dreama aka Martina Simon has written poetry since she was a young thing and says she naturally moved into rap and music. TOW loves this track for it's simple, hardcore electro back beat and her cheeky vocal. Check out her website too for her excellent and very informative blog!

We Spies - The Sea, You See

  The Sea, You See by WeSpiesUK 

Now to a young Brighton band who we can't stop listening too. Headed up by singer Lucy Elliot We Spies call themselves 'ambient indie' and that does them justice to some extent. But it's Lucy's frantic on-the-edge vocal style which sets them apart from their peers. Lucy is joined by Joel Frosh, Ed Davis and Joe Spencer.

28 Nov 2011

Sharon Van Etten Interview: Tramp

You might remember TOW catching up with Brooklyn’s Sharon Van Etten at the beginning of the year. She was on tour with The National and riding high on the critical acclaim of her first album proper Epic. Here us catch up with Sharon here.

Well now almost a year later, the singer songwriter has announced details of her forthcoming album, Tramp, which will be out on her new label home Jagjaguwar in the new year (February 6 2012).

Van Etten worked with Aaron Dessner from The National on this record, working from his home studio in a leafy part of Brooklyn. Guests on the record include Jenn Wasner from Baltimore duo Wye Oak and the wonderfully ethereal Julianna Barwick... TOW caught up with SVE in a pub near Hyde Park on her recent brief trip through London to talk about conquering this filthy great city, working with Aaron and finally finding a home.



   Sharon Van Etten - Serpents by Pretty Much Amazing

6 Music picks: Two Wings and Hollows

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.   

Two Wings - Eikon


A chance encounter with Two Wings supporting Essie Jain at Cafe Oto last year led TOW to fall head over heels. Hanna Tuulikki and Ben Reynolds and their merry band make such joyous music, it's hard not to grin stupidly whilst listening. Hanna is no stranger to us, having already got into her solo project Nalle - there's plenty more going on in her musical world too and the same can be said for Ben. But it seems they've found their true home together now, with Two Wings - channeling the greats like The Band, Richard Thompson and other seventies era folk Americana greats, but with Hanna's haunting, inimitable vocal setting this band stand leagues apart from their contemporaries of a similar ilk.

Catch them live at Cafe Oto on 9 December.

Hollows - Shapeshifter


Hollows are a five piece girl band from Chicago (well, there's an honorary boy on drums ;) who found each other through a Craigslist add that included the phrases "60s, funeral, girl group, Shangri-Las," - 'nuff said! The Chicago Tribune recently said of this band: "No band is currently making better use of the Farfisa-like Gibson G101 combo organ than Hollows." Agreed! We think... Either way we're smitten with this infectious, tight and flawless band. More please.

Hot Sand/ Shapeshifter is out now on Soft Power Records.

17 Nov 2011

6 Music picks: Chapter 24 & Mari Kvien Brunvoll

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

CHAPTER 24 - Spindle

Spindle is out on Odd Box Records on November 28 - and it's a stormer! This Corby four piece have come into their own and are currently on a Stateside tour, wowing the Yanks as only a Corby band could. Spindle is short and sweet but really sums up what this band are about: riotous, melodic, punk pop with Claire Smith's deep, layered and distorted vocal taking it stratospheric every time. TOW met the band at 6 Music last year and what a charming bunch they are, all set for success!

Marie Kvien Brunvoll - Everywhere You Go

What is it with jazz musicians and terrible online profiles? Norwegian artist Mari has a dodgy myspace and a Facebook profile - set up by a fan. Come on Mari, get it together! This Molde-born singer and multi-instrumentalist has already made her mark on the burgeoning Norwegian jazz scene and is threatening to do the same outside of her home country. Using loops, pedals, zithers (!) and that stunning voice of hers she makes haunting, beautiful music that captivates the listener. There's a blues sensibility in there too and her music boarders on folk and acoustic too, it's a shame she's been pigeon-holed as a jazz artist as this can put *some* people off. Not the open-minded readers of TOW though ;)

16 Nov 2011

The Other Woman Podcast with Tom Robinson

In this edition the gals snuck into a fancy studio with our guests - music legend, indie champ and all round DUDE Tom Robinson and Piney Gir's drummer and musician David Fisher. They were our choices as 'Menimists' which we thought we coined as a kind of fun way of saying they're Better Feminists Than We Are... only to have Dave knock that on the head during the interview, turns out Menimists exist and aren't very nice! Journalist Jude Rogers is at the table, along with musician Piney Gir and our vodka swigging showbiz expert Stef Schadenfreude...  Our discussion with Tom and Dave looks at Feminism from a male perspective, oh and Tinkerbell gets it .


26 Oct 2011

6 Music picks: The Van Allen Belt & Silvermoths

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

*The Van Allen Belt - Out To Lunch

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this band have been described as making music that's: “soaringly epiphanic and euphoric post-everything meditations on 21st century America" by none other than Julian Cope! We kinda can't compete with that can we? But we LOVE this track... the soaring chorus of backing vocals, big cymbal crashes and strong vocals from frontwoman Tamar Kamin. It's a power ballad for the indie generation. The album Superpowerfragilis: Or How I Learned To Stop Caring And Love The Drug is out now and you can buy it at the Bandcamp above.

*Silvermoths - Superhero
Then we come to this beautiful wee ditty. Silvermoths are a west London band.
That's Emma Churchly on the soft whispery vocals and various instruments partnered with guitarist and songwriter Kaziu Gill... both make up the flame around which the Silvermoths fly. Sorry that's super cheesey but we couldn't help ourselves! If you can't be cheesey on your own blog then when can you be?! Either way there's something seriously magical about this band, we look forward to more.

17 Oct 2011

6 Music picks: Bambikill & Novella

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.   

*Bambikill - Forever Will Burn

   Forever will burn by bambikill

Interesting soundscape noodlings from this Bristol lass have caught our attention this week. A solo artist who makes emotional soundscapes that are inspired by 'the unseen world, dreams and visions, feeling lost and lonely sometimes and trying to find some meaning in being a living human being and in death...' she tells us. Bambikill's next album will be dedicated to Joey Chainsaw, her ex collaborator and fiancee who passed away earlier this year. Influences come in the shape of Kurt Cobain, Fursaxa, Bardo Pond and Grouper. We're expecting soft, sad, melodic sounds...

*Novella - The Things You Do

Novella - The Things You Do from Novella Novella on Vimeo.

We announced our new show on Amazing Radio today and we're chuffed to be joining a fine stable of presenters... including Mark Ryan who helms the brilliant Amazing Beats show every Friday. Mark is also a good one for tips and he tipped us this little gem from London's lo-fi pop scene. Mark says: 'Really nice almost Riot girl with a dark dark grunge element. Guitars that never give up'. We say, hell yes! 

12 Oct 2011

Marissa Nadler interview: making music and performing strictly on her own terms


TOW met Boston guitarist and singer songwriter Marissa Nadler ahead of a show at London's Bush Hall. Armed with guitars and a weighty transistor, she plays solo and after years of struggling with stage fright, she says: 'It's worth getting over it'.

We talk about breaking out on her own with this eponymous album on her Box of Cedar Records, the joy of 'getting' finger-picking right for the first time, her unique sound and, like everyone, having ups and downs along the way.

Unsure about continuing with touring after years of traipsing the globe, Marissa Nadler said she may consider this her last. But then in a tweet after the show at Bush Hall, she says, scrap that - the audience were so lovely, she'll definitely be back. Gotta love London audiences - you guys did good!

Oh, and check out this gorgeous version and free download of Leonard Cohen's Winter Lady which popped up on her soundcloud recently:


10 Oct 2011

6 Music picks: Maria and the Gay & Liz Green

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... This week, we sat in for the WHOLE SHOW - hurrah for Tom Robinson! 

You can listen again here.   
It was a Girl Music Special so we plugged into some of the latest favourites uploaded onto the Introducing Uploader for two hours of great tracks, aswell as our usual picks for the week below.

*Maria and the Gay - Daddy's Bulge
We are already in love with this DIY Manchester council flat duo (their tags, not ours!). Their debut record Greatest Hits Vol 1 is out on Big Print Records on October 18th, run by Robert from The Nightingales and home of other TOW faves Hotpants Romance. Maria Dada is from Lebanon and Amy Pennington is from 'The North', they make electro-pop and short kick ass indie tunes in their Manchester council flat and are poised to take over the world. With track titles like 'Motherfolkers', 'Pushy Mum' and 'I Wannabe In Democracy', how can you not love them?



*Liz Green - Hey Joe

Liz Green is offering up Hey Joe as a free download and we heartily encourage you to get your hands on it: http://soundcloud.com/lizgreenmusic/hey-joe/s-8lk7H 

The Manchester singer songwriter's debut album O, Devotion is out on Play It Again Sam Records on the 14th November and we can't wait to give the whole thing a spin. News from the Liz Green camp seemed to die down after the hoo ha that surrounded her performance on the main stage at Glastonbury in 2007 (after winning their Emerging Talent comp). It's been 4 years and NOW we can sit back and enjoy a full, fully accomplished and very beautiful record. Hurray!

Here's Displacement Song to listen too while you download:


3 Oct 2011

6 Music: Genius Collective & The Liminanas our picks for Introducing

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.  

Genius Collective - Future (Breaks)

We really like this lot, a bunch of uber talented musicians fronted by one fine singer Kezia Johnson equals something funky, fresh and entirely NOT derivative which is always refreshing. They're a seven piece from Birmingham with an EP due out later in the year, this track Future is a free download - here.

The Liminanas - I'm Dead

This band seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet since releasing this in May last year. We've just stumbled across it and really love what they - were? - doing. This French trio are everything you'd expect from a band like this: dark haired, black polo-neck bedecked skinny kids who you know will survive on nothing but nicotine and Vin Rouge... 

27 Sep 2011

6 Music: Silver Fox & Trogons our picks for Introducing

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here. 

Silver Fox - Waves On In

 Daniel Robson

We are utterly smitten with this four piece from Newcastle. From the woozey, lazy psychedelia of Waves On In to the short, sharp punk of Capital Kiss. We found them via Upset The Rhythm's excellent line up for the Yes Way festival last month, where we also spotted this lovely lot:

Trogons - Awakenings


Trogons release Awakenings very soon on X Ray Recordings, we love the urgency in the track and Gemma Fleet on vocals is ticking all our boxes.

Thanks to UTR for some ace tips!

21 Sep 2011

Gaggle choir leader Deborah Coughlin spills the beans


As anarchic all-woman choir Gaggle prepare for their performance of The Brilliant and The Dark at London's Royal Albert Hall on 27 September, TOW catches up with leader Deborah Coughlin about the who, what, when, where and why's and it's really not what you might think!

The opera, which is about the history of women from Middle Ages to World War II, was first performed in 1969 with a cast of 1,000 women volunteering at the same venue.

Deborah and Gaggle have brought the subject matter right up to the present day in their reworking of the piece. Amazed that such a historic event could have been lost from the history books Gaggle are looking to give it it's rightful place in cultural her-story.  

The Brilliant and The Dark from Open Music Archive on Vimeo.

19 Sep 2011

6 Music: Wild Flag & Elan Tamara our picks for Introducing

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.

Wild Flag - Glass Tambourine

Wild Flag performs Glass Tambourine at The Rock Shop, Brooklyn from BlearyEyedBrooklyn.com on Vimeo.


Bloomin' brilliant to have Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein back in the saddle with a fierce line up of Mary Timony (Helium), Janet Weiss (Quasi, Sleater-Kinney) and Rebecca Cole (The Minders). Takes TOW back to the mid-nineties, an indie disco night called Lipgloss and wishing to all hell we'd not given up playing guitar. Wild Flag rrrrrrock, a welcome relief from all the flimsy-hipster-electro trash knocking about.

Elan Tamara - Don't Know Why

Original songwriting and a talented musician, Elan Tamara has everything going for a young upstart. Especially when up and coming producer Kwes (DELS, The Invisible, The XX, and now of Warp Records) gets involved and Ninja Tune put out her Organ EP. The kind of artist that makes TOW's blood boil when watching the fawning praise over the numpties on X Factor who knock out pretty good rendition of a Christina Aguilera tune or two. Sigh. They look for clones, we look for uniqueness and Elan has that in spades.

TOW favourite 2diceproductionz made this EPK for Elan last year, in our hood - Walthamstow Marshes:

12 Sep 2011

Brigid Power-Ryce & Micropixie - BBC 6 Music Introducing

Brigid Power-Ryce - The Waves Were Wild


Brigid Power-Ryce is a TOW success story... back in May 2009 we played Wild Grin for Tom on the show and he loved it, we loved it and then it all went silent. Until we got an email a few months back from Brigid with new songs, a six month old son and a support slot with Tune-Yards and Beirut at Brixton Academy on September 16th - yeeeeha! The  new stuff is as captivating as what we heard before - eerie, haunting and beautiful. See you on the 16th!

*Micropixie - Testosteronica

Micropixie sent us this little disco-funk gem a few weeks ago, from her album 'The Good, The Beige & The Ugly' (An Intergalactic Feminist Spy Thriller) on One Little Alien. Micropixie has made the track with UK-based, Grammy nominee Paul Horton and it's massively groovy. Micropixie says of herself: 'Made in Bombay, born & raised in the UK, and based in SF-Oh!, Micropixie aka MPX is the extra-terrestrial alter ego of writer, fillum-maker and fulltime human being, Single Beige Female.'

The song is about Micropixie's experiences in the music industry - 'Testosteronica', ah hem, a sentiment that's right up our street! Also, 10% of the sales from Testosteronica will go to Women's Audio Mission, a San Francisco based, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts. Here here!

29 Aug 2011

Cambodian Space Project & Mary Ocher - BBC 6Music Introducing

Every week we get to play two tracks for Tom Robinson on his excellent BBC 6 Music Introducing show... you can listen again here.

The Cambodian Space Project - Broken Flowers

Kak Channthy is the lead singer of Phnom Penh Band The Cambodian Space Project. She's been called the Rock MIA in Asia, with which we wholeheartedly take umbrage. MIA wishes she had an iota of Kak's edge. Not only is she now a rock diva in her homeland, but she's also a women's rights activist, enlisted by the UN to speak in her country. As a young woman Kak was kidnapped from her village and sold into sex slavery in Phnom Penh - but her escape and meeting with now co-pilot Australian guitarist Julien Poulsen, has turned her life around. Julien found his muse and his route into fulfilling his dream of revitalising Cambodia's psychedelic rock days, with echoes of 1960's Cambodian singing legend Ros Seretysothea. Broken Flowers is an original track, but do also check out their covers of Venus and House of the Rising Sun too, as Kak admits she sings rock music better than love songs... we say, rock on...

Mary Ocher - On The Streets Of Hard Labour

We've just spent half an hour watching Mary Ocher videos on youtube, mainly the ones from her War Songs album which is from 2008, but luckily for us who were late to catch on, she re-released in March of this year on Germany's fine Haute Areal Records. Describing her is tough. Born in Moscow and raised in Tel Aviv, now based in Berlin. Mary describes herself as a singer-songwriter, poet, and DJ, with a background in film. Excellent. You might remember her from Mary and The Baby Cheeses who were a 'highly noted band in the Israeli underground circles'. All we know is that On The Streets of Hard Labour is one of tracks of the year, we love her heavily accented singing in English, the sparseness of the music: electronic, contemporary and yet definite shades of a spooky Soviet past.

24 Aug 2011

Alice & the Enemies and Rachael Dadd - BBC 6Music Introducing

After a summer break, TOW is back with Tom Robinson on his brilliant BBC 6 Music Introducing show as his Girl Music Guru, bringing him two artists every week for his (and your) listening pleasure. You can tune in and listen again here. Last week it was Tiny Ruins and Emma Heartbeat, this week:

Alice & the Enemies - Touching Boys in Supermarkets

You know Alice Gun? The singer songwriter from north London who made her fantastic debut this year with Blood & Bone on Ambiguous Records? Well, guess what, she was in a rock band and Ambiguous have decided to re-release some old stuff - yeahhh! The frankly brilliant Touching Boys In Supermarkets... listen below. This is Alice pre-poised, almost regal, as she is now - it's all a bit raucous and sweaty, we love it. You can hear Alice talking about Blood & Bone on The Other Woman Podcast here.

Rachael Dadd  - Tower Tower

Bristol's Rachael Dadd has travelled far and wide in her time, so far in fact that she made this record in Japan. Dedicees will know that she's married to Ichi - as in Ichi and the Hand, see them live on the same bill and you get a doubly awesome earful. Rachael's new album Bite The Mountain is the follow up to 2009's Moth in the Motor and, as described by Broken Sound Music on their website, she sounds 100% the wide eyed traveller and armed with banjo, uke and a multitude of other instruments she's the master of, she's created another quiet masterpiece. 


17 Aug 2011

Albums from Olivia Louvel and Botched Fairytale

Olivia Louvel sent us a new track back in March 2009 - the spiky, moody, bass heavy Army Of Dolls... little did we know that it was just the beginning of a whole album, Doll Divider, from the French born composer and producer. We played the track for Tom Robinson on his 6 Music Introducing show, he loved it, we loved it and that was that. Or so we thought... we received a beautiful vinyl copy of Olivia's album in the post a month or so ago. Composed using synth loops and percussive rhythms on her laptop, the album is glitchy, mysterious, DIY, minimal... all those good things, if not simultaneously unnerving. You can listen and BUY at her Bandcamp here:

Botched Fairytale

Deejaying at the excellent John Peel Day at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes last year, we were approached only once during our set and it was when we played The '06 Census by Botched Fairytale. The young chap was saucer-eyed and almost frothing at the mouth about the track, which is exactly how we felt on first listen to this, their debut album. Marie O Hara and Mariel McCormack are from County Longford in Ireland and were inspired to make music back in 2008 when, they say:

"sick of sitting around complaining about the lack of lyrical content in the Irish music they heard on the radio, the duo formed because they wanted to do their bit for the situation. 

They had a vision of an album that provoked, it would be blunt and unsafe and uncomfortable, full of ideas and energy that reflected the ugliness and beauty of everyday life, an album that was universally relevant but distinctly Irish."

The album is available FOR FREE at the Bandcamp player above, thanks for giving this away free girls - it's a real gift to the music world.

12 Aug 2011

New music from Ellie Rumbold/ Suburban Mousewife/ Anna-Anna

Ellie Rumbold

  Latest tracks by Ellie Rumbold

*Sigh* Ellie Rumbold is only 16. Think back to what you were doing at 16... were you playing thoughtful, sweet and finger-pickingly beautiful folk tunes? Well, we sure weren't. Time was spent mainly watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice box set, eating huge piles of peanut butter and honey on toast and wondering mournfully where our Mr Darcy was. Ellie plays the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell on the 31 August and it's free... get down there!

Suburban Mousewife - Hack Attack

  Latest tracks by Suburban Mousewife

Mums in a punk band... after having kids and now into their forties, these women decided to pick up their guitars again and rekindle their punk careers - cue some loud, thrashy noisy tunes. Also, Delia Sparrow, The Lexington booker and regular Girl About Town on The Other Woman Podcast is in this band, so thumbs up from us. Suburban Mousewife rock... songs about botox, getting hassled in the street and more... listen and download below, and check out the Woman's Hour (!) interview, which will tell you more here.
Anna-Anna - Last Night I Lit The Moon

Manuela Leal is from Rio de Janeiro and makes astonishingly weird and yet extraordinarily pleasing electronic music. Don't expect to be easily buoyed along by these songs tapping your footsies, you need to do some work and LISTEN. When you do you'll be delighted and also ever so slightly weirded out. In a good way. Thanks for emailing us Manuela...

8 Aug 2011

New music: New Zealand's Tiny Ruins - fantastic

Tiny Ruins is New Zealand singer-songwriter Hollie Fullbrook. We've been sent her album Some Were Meant For The Sea and have been immediately captivated by her quiet, thoughtful, often sad songs. Hollie has a glorious voice too... one for when you're feeling a little sorry for yourself.

We like this video of her playing live for Balcony TV - looks like a lovely evening in Auckland...

22 Jul 2011

What's tickling our earbuds in July - part 2:

Kate Daisy Grant

Don't let the 'Daisy' in her name fool you - there's a dark underbelly to Kate Daisy Grant's writing which is compelling, intriguing and makes for a great listen.

Anna Madeleine - Milk and Water

Name your price for this little beauty from Hackney one woman electronic music making machine (and more) Anna Madeleine.

Citizen Helene - Citizen Helene EP

Thanks to the also-brilliant Mary Epworth for putting us in touch... what a glorious voice, fine turn of phrase and above all catchy tunes.

Annette Berlin - Remedy (Don't Pick Me Up)

Bristol's Annette Berlin popped us over this single recently... she's also the big voiced vocalist for Big Joan. Post the birth of her twins last year she's just started gigging again - happy days for us!

21 Jul 2011

What's tickling our earbuds in July - part 1

Before TOW heads off on holiday on Saturday here's a run down of the aural delights that have got us hooked this passed month. Yes, it's lazy not to do individual postings but there's just TOO much good stuff out there! So wrap your ears around this very random list of newbies who've sent us a note in recent weeks... Then we'll be shutting up shop until The Other Woman Podcast goes to The Big Chill festival 5-7 August, for our show on Big Chill FM. Can't wait!

Shonen Knife - Perfect Freedom

New from these Osaka rockers from their album Osaka Ramones. Infectious, glorious pop-punk from these girls, they never let you down!

Mary Ocher - On The Streets Of Hard Labour

Thanks to Skopjemusic for the tip off on this one... she's like a Soviet Kate Bush with splashes of the brilliant Frida Hyvonen, this punk/folk poetess used to front Mary and the Baby Cheeses but is now solo.

Micropixie - Alice in Stevie Wonderland


Micropixie dropped us a line about her new cover of Sinead O'Connor's Sounds So Different, which you can hear and buy here, but we liked this little mini mix of her debut album Alice In Stevie Wonderland on Soundcloud too... She says of herself: 'Made in Bombay, born & raised in the UK, and based in SF-Oh!, Micropixie aka MPX is the extra-terrestrial alter ego of writer, fillum-maker and fulltime human being, Single Beige Female.'

11 Jul 2011

Tanya Auclair interview - Origami EP

Tanya Auclair is a one woman music making machine. Using body percussion techniques, looping and her own lovely voice she has now self-released two EP's; Thrum and now Origami.

Thrum she gave away for free on Bandcamp: http://tanyaauclair.bandcamp.com/ - nice lady.

Tanya grew up in west London and has worked with jazz drummer Leon Parker and producer Yult to name drop a few others who've recognised her enormous talent. Listen in to hear us try not to sound too merry whilst quaffing cider at our local...


28 Jun 2011

Bachelorette interview on quitting and new album


Ha! That got your attention didn't it? Well, the New Zealander is not exactly quitting but this may be the end of the Bachelorette project... the world is Annabel Alpers' oyster!

Bachelorette is Annabel Alpers, a quiet New Zealander who has made a dreamy, other-worldy, electronic record filled with clever lyrics and melodies worthy of the pop greats. Bachelorette, her third album, is out now on Souterrain Transmissions and could be the end of the solo Bachelorette project, as she says, she may just find a band and start rocking out - who knows! We chatted backstage ahead of her show at Camp Basement in east London and - you lazy journo's who name check Bjork as her main influence - the Icelandic songstress had nothing to do with this!

17 Jun 2011

Robot's In Disguise on their 4th album Happiness V Sadness


Sue Denim and Dee Plume are the masterminds behind electro-pop duo Robot's In Disguise. They are sheer forces of natures: funny, opinionated and very proud of their fourth record Happiness V Sadness... they bloody well should be too. Have a listen for tracks from the album and their thoughts on life, love, tabloids and how to get yourself a £2000 date with the delectable Dee.

Happiness V Sadness is out on 11 July on President Records.

16 Jun 2011

New music: Vuk aka Emily Cheeger - The Archaeologist

Back in January 2010 when we kick-started this blog in a little kitchen in Clapton, east London one of the first posts absolutely had to be about Vuk. Read about it here... and then move your ears onto a brand new track!

A studio demo from the Finnish-American solo artist, called The Archaeologist, has reached our inbox... taken from the album that has a working titles of Year of the Gourd (how very Game of Thrones, we love it!). It's all written, arranged, played and sung by Vuk aka Emily Cheeger.

Vuk is also currently looking for any interested labels to release her record, and if this track is anything to go by it's going to be amazing. Last year's The Plains was one of our albums of the year.


Mechanical Bride interview on debut album Living with Ants out on Transgressive Records


The Other Woman meets Lauren Doss, she's a 25 year old singer, songwriter and pianist who goes under the moniker of Mechanical Bride. You may remember her haunting version of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' which got loads of airplay on Radio 1 a few years ago:

   Mechanical Bride - "Umbrella" (Rihanna Cover) by CoopMusicFrance

Now she's released her official debut album Living With Ants on Transgressive Records and it's a collection of simple and beautifully crafted songs showcasing gentle piano melodies and her fabulous voice.

15 Jun 2011

Inbox: Newcastle's Pale Man Made & Brighton's Bella Spinks

Pale Man Made - Cabales

Christanne is one of two girls who make up half of Newcastle fuzzed up popsters Pale Man Made. 

Christanne's email that popped into TOW's inbox says: 'we play music driven by discordant jangles, bittersweet lyrics, and, female and male vocals - inspired by the The Shop Assistants, Comet Gain, The Pastels, The Smiths and Sleater Kinney.'

Yup, the influences are worn on their collective sleeve, but there's nothing wrong with that when this is the result!

They've just just finished recording an album with Steve Whitfield  (Cure, Pylons, Trash Can Sinatras, Buen Chico, Shed 7) and are looking to find a label to put it out... 

Bella Spinks - Words

Yes, Brighton artist Bella Spinks is 18. And yes, she's already writing songs that some seasoned old muso's could be proud of. Her Dad Patrick runs Sublime Music, and emailed TOW about Bella and on listening to this track we reckon Poppa Spinks has every right to be puffed up and proud about his young offspring. Bella has already supported some impressive artists including Ellie Goulding - watch this space!

Experimental jazz: Carla Kihlstedt & Mattias Bossi new album Still You Lay Dreaming: Tales for the Stage II

Jazz By Association is an excellent programme on French Radio London, playing a mix of leftfield and experimental jazz, with an emphasis on French artists. Presenter and contemporary jazz boffin Jason Phipps recommends this album by Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi and we couldn't agree more. Carla's voice is huge and soulful and the music she makes with Matthias is at once filmic, dark, spacious, weird and above all - original and captivating.

9 Jun 2011

Letters to Fiesta and Kissing Cousins this week's new discoveries

Letters To Fiesta - Drag The Fire

This Manchester band write fresh, catchy, uplifting pop tunes with layered lo-fi vocals, synthesisers a-plenty and some serious hooks... Anna Louise Etherington is who you hear on lead vocals and she pounds away at the synths too.


Kissing Cousins - Unfortunate End

From the cold, mean streets of Manchester to the hot, humid and definitely meaner streets of LA - Kissing Cousins are from Silver Lake and led by songwriter Heather Bray Heywood... she pumps out stark, dark rock tunes with an autoharp put through a delay pedal making most of the noise. Nice.

Unfortunate End the EP is out now on Velvet Blue Music.


27 May 2011

Hurray for the Riff Raff's Alynda Lee Segarra on new album and tour


Hurray for the Riff Raff are the sound of New Orleans' 'new buskers' ie. the young generation of musicians who've come to the city and absorbed the age old musical traditions and added their own modern twist. If you read up about HFTRR online there are stories of frontwoman Alynda Lee Segarra leaving New York at the tender age of 17 and 'hopping freight trains'... not believing Wikipedia on this one we put it to her and fiddle player and drummer Josi and lo and behold - that's exactly what they did. Only in America, hey? Listen in for track snippets from the album and what life could be like in New Orleans... trust us, it sounds dreamy.

Buy the superb record here.

19 May 2011

Minneapolis band Dark Dark Dark meets The Other Woman to talk about their new album Wild Go before heading out on tour with Low and The National


Dark Dark Dark are a phenomenal band from Minneapolis. Nona Marie Invie is the voice you'll hear on the songs and the interview is with her and songwriting partner Marshall LaCount. They've just released Wild Go on Melodic Records, the follow up to last year's much-blogged about EP Bright Bright Bright. Spell-binding and awe inspiring are the words that come to mind... We met at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill - and then the whiskey started flowing and Marshall showed us his 'coyote playing cats cradle' tattoo... a night out doesn't get better than that!

17 May 2011

The Other Woman on BBC 6 Music with Tom Robinson: new music from Lilies on Mars 'Aquariums Key' & Roxy Rawson 'Fingers'

Lilies on Mars - Aquariums Key

We LOVE this band... that refrain about the 'keeeeeys' will get stuck in your head whether you like it or not. Then again how could you NOT like the almost perfect slice of indie-pop that this three piece dish up. They call themselves 'experimental shoegaze' and they're based in London. Lisa and Marina have known each other for years and have done some uber-cool projects with the likes of Italian film icon Franco Battiato (film nerds will be suitably impressed, philistines like us will have to click here). Lilies on Mars welcomed drummer Matthew last year and produced their second album Wish You Were A Pony... which is out on Monday, Aquarium's Key is the joyous first single - out now.

Roxy Rawson - Fingers

Roxy Rawson's debut album is called Quenching the Kill, which she's self-releasing on her own label Polk Funk Records, try saying that quickly... Her biog is an impressive read Parisian conservatoires, classical piano training, African choirs and a passion for percussion - then there's what she's capable of on the violin too. All sickeningly brilliant. But vocally is where Roxy really does it for us, that voice - grabs you and commands attention. Check her out live if you can, you've never seen someone treat a violin like she does - it's beaten, rapped, plucked and allsorts.

16 May 2011

One-woman electronic New Zealander Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette's new album out now...


Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette first came to our attention a year or so ago, when a friend who works at Radio New Zealand pinged some MP3's over our way. Since then we've embarrassed ourselves by approaching Annabel after a gig at Dalston's Cafe Oto, complete with red-wine-teeth, to babble on about how much we like her music and that we played Donkey on the radio once. Live, she's surrounded by CRT monitors which create a visual treat of waveforms as Annabel plays along on various instruments. 

Now, and with a PR company behind her self-titled new album, the New Zealander finds herself living on the east coast of the US and facing a mini blog storm of reaction to the record. It's everything we love about Bachelorette - whirling, whizzing, thumping synthesisers and Annabel's quirky vocals lilting over the pounding soundscapes she single-handedly comes up with on every track. With a post-graduate in computer-based composition at the Universities of Canterbury and Auckland behind her... rest assured she does this all VERY well. 

Stand outs include the ethereal loveliness of Blanket (above) and round the camp fire sing-a-long The Light Seekers, the wah-wah's and shoe-shoe's of The Last Boat Is Leaving and the casual whistling on Tui Tui. Souterrain Transmissions releases the album on Monday 16 May. Go and purchase!


23/05/11    York (UK), The Duchess w/ The Phoenix Foundation
24/05/11    Newcastle (UK), The Cluny w/ The Phoenix Foundation
25/05/11    Edinburgh (UK), Cabaret Voltaire w/ The Phoenix Foundation
26/05/11    Glasgow (UK), Glasgow School of Art w/ The Phoenix Foundation

06/06/11    London (UK), CAMP Basement

9 May 2011

The Other Woman on BBC 6 Music Introducing with Tom Robinson: new music from Sound of Rum & Barbara Panther

Sound of Rum - Icarus

Every week TOW plays two songs for the brilliant Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show... here are our picks from this week's show:  

Flipping heck. First of all it's not often you hear someone 'spittin' rhymes' about Icarus... but Kate Tempest does and it's bloody brilliant. Kate's the fast rapping frontwoman of this band, signed to Sunday Best (Rob da Bank knows a good thing when he sees one) their debut album Balance is a wholly excellent listen. There's a white vinyl edition too - how cool is that? Oh and we've not even begun to namecheck all the DUDES who think Kate rocks: Roots Manuva: 'her works are truly of upliftment and betterment' and Scroobius Pip: 'It astounds me. Her writing is epic, her delivery piercing, and with the addition of her band her potential is realised. Inspirational'...

Barbara Panther - Moonlight People

We here at TOW towers are absolutely mind-blown by Barbara Panther's self-titled debut album, which is out on May 16th on City Slang. Barbara was born in Rwanda and grew up in Brussels, Belgium, before making her home in Berlin five years ago - did we hear a German inflection in her voice? Thought so! Oh, and she's worked with Matthew Herbert on this record too. Turn your headphones up and feast on this, the new single Moonlight People...