6 Dec 2010

6 Music Introducing - tracklist Monday 6 December

Ruth Barnes sat in for Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music this morning (Monday 6 December from 1am). Tom was stuck in the snow in Southampton, so producer Tom Whalley and I put our heads together to do him justice with these cracking tunes:

You can listen again here.

Museum of Bellas Artes — Watch The Glow (Force Majeure)

Bordeauxxx — Heartstrings (Unsigned)

Conquering Animal Sound — Bear (Gizeh Records)

Poppy Perezz — My Heart (Holmbush Records)

Kona Triangle — Long Mountain (Porter Records)

Polly and the Billets Doux — Back To Earth (Bleak Mouse Records)

Mean Lady — Rain (Unsigned)

Father Longlegs — Chinese R’n’R Cat (Unsigned)

Paper Dollhouse — Moon (Unsigned)

Fever Fever — Bloodless (Cherryade)

EXCLUSIVE LIVE SESSION: Vuk — My Darling, My Sister, My Dying Bride

Peepholes — Carnivore (Upset the Rhythm)

Nuphlo — 40 Thieves (Studio Rockers)

Former Ghosts — Chin Up (Upset The Rhythm)

Professor Ojo — Zebras (Unsigned)

Bellies — Bellies! Theme

Grande Duke — Circle Of Willis (Fight Me Records)

Wonder Bear — Solar Pond (Unsigned)

Selebrities — Time (Cascine)

Minnie Birch — Bicycle Song (Unsigned)

Sea of Bees — Gnomes (Heavenly)

A Gap Between — Bonfire (Nueva Forma)

EXCLUSIVE LIVE SESSION: Vuk — Nameless Bones (Unsigned)

Keep Shelly In Athens — Fokionos Negri Street (Forest Family/Transparent)

Martha! Mother — Indian Country