17 Dec 2010

Emily Barker interview 15 December 2010

Ruth Barnes and Emily Barker and... a white bunny!
Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo's gorgeous new album Almanac is out in February. We caught up with Emily for half a pint of Christmas Ale at the Betsey Trotwood pub in Farringdon to talk The Waifs, Wallander, pipe organs and the birth of album number 3.

   Emily Barker interview 15 December 2010 by ruthbarnes

6 Dec 2010

6 Music Introducing - tracklist Monday 6 December

Ruth Barnes sat in for Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music this morning (Monday 6 December from 1am). Tom was stuck in the snow in Southampton, so producer Tom Whalley and I put our heads together to do him justice with these cracking tunes:

You can listen again here.

Museum of Bellas Artes — Watch The Glow (Force Majeure)

Bordeauxxx — Heartstrings (Unsigned)

Conquering Animal Sound — Bear (Gizeh Records)

Poppy Perezz — My Heart (Holmbush Records)

Kona Triangle — Long Mountain (Porter Records)

Polly and the Billets Doux — Back To Earth (Bleak Mouse Records)

Mean Lady — Rain (Unsigned)

Father Longlegs — Chinese R’n’R Cat (Unsigned)

Paper Dollhouse — Moon (Unsigned)

Fever Fever — Bloodless (Cherryade)

EXCLUSIVE LIVE SESSION: Vuk — My Darling, My Sister, My Dying Bride

Peepholes — Carnivore (Upset the Rhythm)

Nuphlo — 40 Thieves (Studio Rockers)

Former Ghosts — Chin Up (Upset The Rhythm)

Professor Ojo — Zebras (Unsigned)

Bellies — Bellies! Theme

Grande Duke — Circle Of Willis (Fight Me Records)

Wonder Bear — Solar Pond (Unsigned)

Selebrities — Time (Cascine)

Minnie Birch — Bicycle Song (Unsigned)

Sea of Bees — Gnomes (Heavenly)

A Gap Between — Bonfire (Nueva Forma)

EXCLUSIVE LIVE SESSION: Vuk — Nameless Bones (Unsigned)

Keep Shelly In Athens — Fokionos Negri Street (Forest Family/Transparent)

Martha! Mother — Indian Country