9 Aug 2010

TOW on BBC 6 Music Introducing: Forest City Lovers and Lazy Mary

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am

Forest City Lovers - Phodilus and Tyto

Like the Swedes, Canadians consistently provide us with fantastic indie pop groups. Most don't make it to these shores and Forest City Lovers are one such band that I hadn't come across - but it seems they have quite a following back home. From Toronto, the group centres around guitarist, singer and songwriter Kat Burns and they make gorgeous, melodic and often sorrowful pop tunes. The glockenspiel and banjo are fore-fronted so for fans of Sufjan Stevens get listenin'... Carriage is out now on Out Of This Spark records.

Lazy Mary - Hang Nail
There's not much around online about Lazy Mary, this pair from California who make fuzzed out raucous guitar noise. Melody Kohn and Kendall Brinkley, not yet 21, hail from Long Beach and have been together almost a year. According to their label boss Mike from Mountain Man Records: "They play mostly local gigs but toured the west coast of the United States this summer with Concrete Shiva (a Long Beach noise act). The tour included a stop at TITWRENCH in Denver, CO. Titrench is a festival celebrating female acts from all over the US. They're home from tour now and plan on continuing to write new songs and play more shows, and hopefully put out more records." Yippee! We love this band and The Girls Are are all over them too, let's get them over and get them on the radio!