29 May 2010

TOW on 6 Music Introducing - Ann Scott and Lianne Hall

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am.

Pick 1 - Ann Scott - Candy
Unfortunately Irish singer-songwriter Ann Scott hasn't posted anything from her new album on her myspace, at the time of writing this. Her new album, her third, Flo is out in June and TOW can't get enough of this eerily psychedelic folk offering. Anyway, we found this video on youtube from her last album and we like it too.  Ann describes her latest album as about 'being lost and how to get there' and with the lyrics delivered by her husky, warm vocals you'll wanna get there too.

Pick 2 - Lianne Hall - Learning Curves

Lianne Hall is someone who I feel immensely embarrassed about. How could I not have come across her before? John Peel was a huge fan and she performed a ton of sessions for his Radio 1 show with Pico. Lianne is one of those artists who makes TOW feel very good about what we do. She should by rights, be huge! But as with all women who make music like Lianne, outside of the manstream, outside of a particular marketing box, they will forever be outsiders. However, with the ground swell of bloggers and websites supporting not only women artists but all the great specialist music makers out there - there is hope! With the demise of any radio (Save 6 Music!) or TV platforms for them we just have to hope for the best. The interent will prevail! Right, rant over. Lianne has a fantastic voice (Brighton's own Nina Nastasia at times, and described by Peel as 'one of the great English voices') and writes frankly awesome tunes. Her new album Crossing Wires is out on Malinki Records soon - BUY IT.

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  1. Oh thank you for introducing me to Lianne Hall because she is wonderful.

    And did you mean to type "outside of the manstream"? Because that is one fabulous typo.