1 Apr 2010

Listen again to Mishaped Pearls in session!

This week The Other Woman was joined by Mishaped Pearls - the brainchild of rocker Ged Flood and his classically trained soprano partner Manuela Schuette. The 7-piece band play a rolling folk soundscape complete with piano, cello, violin, double bass and acoustic guitars aplenty, all providing the back drop for Manuela's jaw-droppingly awesome voice.

Also new music from the likes of Summer Camp, Lady Leshurr, Essie Jain and Akiko Kiyama.

  TOW Mishaped Pearls 310310 MP3 by ruthbarnes

Ged Flood directs Marty, Sean and Helen in rehearsal

 Vocalist Manuella Schuette in action, with Carolina, Marty and Sean in the background


*Summer Camp - Ghost Train (Moshi Moshi)

*Akiko Kiyama - Treppen (Lick My Deck)

*Allysen Callery - Vincenzo Part II (Allysen Callery)

*Black Tambourine - For Ex-lovers only (Slumberland)

*Essie Jain - Falling Asleep (n/a)

*Lucky Soul - White Russian Doll (Ruffa Lane)

*Lady Leshurr - Successful (n/a)

*Sarah Blasko - All I Want (Dew Process)

*Mishaped Pearls LIVE - Benedizione

*Mishaped Pearls LIVE - Bel Aubepin

*Chrome Hoof - Crystalline (Southern)