22 Mar 2010

Listen again to Rachael Dadd in session!

Thanks again to Rachael Dadd for joining us for an outstanding live session! Listen here for new music from Nina Nastasia, Fanshaw and Gabby Young. 

Rachael Dadd is one of the leading members of the burgeoning Bristolian folk scene and she wields a banjo like no other. 

        The Other Woman 17th March 2010  by  ruthbarnes

Playlist - 17 March:

*Nina Nastasia - What's Out There (Fat Cat)

*Loan - Self Excorism (IOT Records)

*Mursego - Subir Arriba Baixar Abaixo (Promo)

*Fanshaw - Diana (Mint Records)

*Maika Makovski - Game of Doses (Origami)

*Rachael Dadd LIVE - Elephant Swimming

*Vivian Girls - My Love Will Follow Me (Wild Wood)

*Emily Arin - Hidden Flame (Promo)

*Rachael Dadd LIVE - Untitled

*Roshi - Zeeba Kanaar (Gagarin remix) (Geo Records)

*Rachael Dadd LIVE - In The Morning

*Gabby Young - Ones That Got Away (Gift of the Gab)