25 Mar 2010

Listen again to Upset The Rhythm special!

This week we were joined by Chris Tipton from the brilliant Upset The Rhythm. A label and tour promoter extraordinaire, keeping the DIY spirit alive and playing some fantastic 'femme-tastic' tunes.


*Nina Nastasia - Cry, Cry, Baby (Fat Cat Records)

*Lady Chann - Sticky Situation (Toddla T remix)

*Sharon Van Etten - It's Not You (Language of Stone/ Infinite Best)

*White Hinterland - My Love (Dead Oceans)

*Trash Kit - Natascha (Upset The Rhythm)

                    Me with trash Kit's debut album - their album launch is on 24th April.

*Kit - Golden (UTR)

*Softboiled Eggies - Glassy Eyes (UTR)

*Grass Widow - Celebrate the Mundane (Make A Mess)

*Former Ghosts - The Bull and The Ram (UTR)

*Foot Village - TAKE (UTR)

*Plug - Fresh Pleasures (UTR)

*Peggy Sue - Clockwork (Wichita)

*Laura Victoria - Your Song Is Sweeter (Cherry Red)

22 Mar 2010

Listen again to Rachael Dadd in session!

Thanks again to Rachael Dadd for joining us for an outstanding live session! Listen here for new music from Nina Nastasia, Fanshaw and Gabby Young. 

Rachael Dadd is one of the leading members of the burgeoning Bristolian folk scene and she wields a banjo like no other. 

        The Other Woman 17th March 2010  by  ruthbarnes

Playlist - 17 March:

*Nina Nastasia - What's Out There (Fat Cat)

*Loan - Self Excorism (IOT Records)

*Mursego - Subir Arriba Baixar Abaixo (Promo)

*Fanshaw - Diana (Mint Records)

*Maika Makovski - Game of Doses (Origami)

*Rachael Dadd LIVE - Elephant Swimming

*Vivian Girls - My Love Will Follow Me (Wild Wood)

*Emily Arin - Hidden Flame (Promo)

*Rachael Dadd LIVE - Untitled

*Roshi - Zeeba Kanaar (Gagarin remix) (Geo Records)

*Rachael Dadd LIVE - In The Morning

*Gabby Young - Ones That Got Away (Gift of the Gab)

19 Mar 2010

6 Music: Electronic special - Cherry Chan & Loan

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am. Here are our picks for this week:

Pick 1: Cherry Chan & Kiat - Samurai Waltz

TOW met Singapore's Cherry Chan at the Red Bull Music Academy in London a few weeks ago. The Academy brings together young musicians and producers from around the globe to hang out, play music and hear some of their heroes speak - this year they were treated to the likes of Flying Lotus, Jazzie B and Roots Manuva. 

Cherry Chan runs a women's electronic music collective back in Singapore, where she says it's very hard for anything remotely leftfield to get any attention. However, Cherry and her collective are keeping Singapore's electronic music scene firmly alive. She blends cultural references, like the 'shhhtzzing' sound of a Samurai sword, with some great big beats. We love it.

Pick 2: Loan - Self-Exorcism

Loan emailed TOW a few weeks ago offering to send over her album Grigri Breakers which is out now on France's I.O.T. Records. Whilst living and working as a grime/dubstep producer in France, Loan travels regularly to West Africa and specifically Senegal using local hip hop MC's to lay vocals over her beats. The result is Grigri Breakers which came out in June last year and is fresh, original and BAD.

9 Mar 2010

International Women's Day - some great new acts

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am. Here are our picks from the last two weeks:

Francis - I Was Never Bored At All

               Photo by Johan Stolpe

TOW is pleased to say that this little gem is from a forthcoming album, which we can't wait to hear. The band are over in Texas soon playing industry showcase SXSW - good to luck to them there. We love a bit of Swedish pop, and this band have taken their booze-soaked sound to another level with this track. 

La La Vasquez - Don't Rush Me

This band are from Brighton and make fuzzed out lo-fi punk rock that pushes all our buttons. Freya, Rachael and Merida make garagey surf rock with markedly feminine overtones. Lovely stuff.

You Are Wolf - All Things Are Quite Silent

            Photo by Danny Price

TOW first came across Kerry Andrew as part of vocal ensemble Juice. Now she's spread her wings and created this little gem of a solo project. The EP Hunting Little Songs is out now and you can buy it at her myspace page. Go on, do it - you won't have heard anything like it. Recording in her Bethnal Green ex-council flat, with whistling kettles and traffic noises making an appearance, along with her husband on the occassional guitar. It's really blown our hair back - inventive, creepy, gorgeous.

Glasser - Apply

                 Photo by Timothy Murray

LA-based one woman music making machine Cameron Mesirow has made wonders with Garageband. It's atmospheric electro stylings with a lovely voice to boot, she's got nothing to lose. Glasser was also included on Rough Trade's Counter Culture compilation for 2009 so she's impressing the right people for sure. Her Apply EP is out now.