16 Feb 2010

TUNE-YARDS!! aka Merrill Garbus - an interview in three parts

Merrill Garbus aka Tune-Yards knocked the crowd at London's Cargo last night to the floor with one of the best gigs TOW has seen in yonks. Look out 2010 here she comes!

 Part 1:

   Tune-Yards 1  by  ruthbarnes

*On signing with 4AD, how things have changed so fundamentally in the past year, headlining Cargo, life since graduating ten years ago, African influences

Please excuse the drum sound check which is going on in the background! It goes away eventually...

Part 2:

   Tune-Yards 2  by  ruthbarnes

*More about Africa and questions surrounding how as a Westerner you can use 'World Music' (so called) without exploiting it, on Bird Brains being essentially a pop record

Part 3:

   Tune-Yards 3  by  ruthbarnes

*On not overusing the loop pedal, the DIY work ethic, on producing other people's music, on women producers, the future...