6 Feb 2010

6 Music: Timberlee and Victoria Falls

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am.

Pick 1 - Timberlee - Fashionista

TOW has been meaning to play some dancehall for Tom for ages. We've brought in Polish dubstep, twee American folk, Japanese electro and much more, we figured it was about time.

Timberlee is getting close to giving current 'First Lady of Dancehall' Lady Saw a run for her money. Although I don't think either of them would get very far in the mega heels they trot around in. In fact one of Timberlee's big hits from the last few years is a homage to those very 'Heels' that will give her varicose veins from hell in later life. But who cares! All in the name of a good record.

Produced by the mega-team of young dancehall warriors at Ward 21 in Kingston, Jamaica, she can't go wrong - Fashionista is our favourite, listen to it here on her myspace.

Pick 2 - Veronica Falls - Stephen

This band are such that makes TOW feel like we really don't know what we're talking about at all. They've come together from a number of other wee indie bands we've never come across *sigh* so much good music out there, so little time. You're probably more plugged in than we are - Sexy Kids, The Royal We and Your Twenties ring any bells?

Anyway, Patrick, Roxanne, James and Marion have come together to make some of the finest indie pop-rock we've heard in ages. It sounds like they grew up listening to the best of the shoe-gazers and The Smiths and are now giving us their own very fine take on it all.

Stephen is the B side to Found Love In A Graveyard which is out on Trouble Records on 1 March.

You'll have to listen again to Tom's show to hear it as it's not on their myspace page.