23 Feb 2010

6 Music: Boston Folk! Caroline Herring and Kris Delmhorst

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am.

This week it's all about the Boston folk scene. Both these artists are on a sterling label called Signature Sounds, which celebrates the best of the 'heart of New England singer/songwriters.'

Caroline Herring is originally from Mississippi and her slight Southern twang takes her music into the country-folk sphere, whereas Kris Delmhorst hits a darker, more sombre note.

Here are two videos TOW found on youtube, the one of Kris doing Blue Adeline live we think we prefer to the version on the album! 

Pick 1: Caroline Herring - Tales of the Islander

Pick 2: Kris Delmhorst - Blue Adeline

18 Feb 2010

The Other Woman is joined by American psych-folk artist Jesca Hoop. Her second album Hunting My Dress was released in November last year and has been a staple on the TOW playlist since. We talk about her influences, moving from sunny California to Manchester and five years spent with Tom Waits.

*Tune-Yards - Real Live Flesh (4AD)

*Caroline Herring - Tales of the Islander (Signature Recordings)

*Cirkus - Bells (Klaus Schneider mix) (Promo)

*Divorce - Scissor Fight (Optimo)


*Whispering Light

*Angel Mom

*Hunting My Dress

*Shunda K & Damp Heat - Message to the Black Man (GMEQA)

*Bachelorette - Donkey (City Slang)

16 Feb 2010

TUNE-YARDS!! aka Merrill Garbus - an interview in three parts

Merrill Garbus aka Tune-Yards knocked the crowd at London's Cargo last night to the floor with one of the best gigs TOW has seen in yonks. Look out 2010 here she comes!

 Part 1:

   Tune-Yards 1  by  ruthbarnes

*On signing with 4AD, how things have changed so fundamentally in the past year, headlining Cargo, life since graduating ten years ago, African influences

Please excuse the drum sound check which is going on in the background! It goes away eventually...

Part 2:

   Tune-Yards 2  by  ruthbarnes

*More about Africa and questions surrounding how as a Westerner you can use 'World Music' (so called) without exploiting it, on Bird Brains being essentially a pop record

Part 3:

   Tune-Yards 3  by  ruthbarnes

*On not overusing the loop pedal, the DIY work ethic, on producing other people's music, on women producers, the future...

15 Feb 2010

6 Music New Zealand special: Bachelorette and The Brunettes

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am.

Pick 1 - Bachelorette - Donkey

Often when writing this blog, TOW stops and has a meltdown about not having enough time to listen to all the great new music out there in the world. Sometimes, we just type a random country into Myspace Music and see where it leads us - away from the UK and US can more often than not be a very refreshing experience.

Hence, a New Zealand special for Tom's show this week. Bachelorette was recommended by our buddy Sean who works for Radio New Zealand and Annabel Alpers - a one-woman beats making machine - has blown us away.

Hailing from Christchurch, she's been described (by Sean) as a 'shy, bedroom electronica girl' whose first album, featuring a band, My Electric Family, is out now on cool Chicago-based indie Drag City. Bachelorette has toured recently with label mates Will Oldham and Bill Callahan, and will soon hit the road with 'her idols' Norwegian melancholy popsters and TOW faves Beach House.

The track TOW played for Tom this week is Donkey, a whirling indie-disco of a track that is bound to get stuck in your head - but the video above is for Her Rotating Head, which has some of the best feminist lyrics we've heard in a while.

Pick 2 - The Brunettes - Thank You

photo by Brad Fafejta

The Brunettes are Heather Mansfield and Jonathan Bree and TOW feels a bit silly for only coming across them now. When Tom Ravenscroft came on the show at the end of last year he played a track for us from their new album Paper Dolls which is out now on NZ-based indie Lil' Chief Records. We had to hear more!

The album is sheer 'twee-pop' bliss. And this track Thank You is an homage to all those who have helped the band out over their career which now spans over a decade. Thanks if you put them up on your sofa, gave them a lift, came to a gig... similar in intention to Neil Young's One Of These Days, lest we forget to give thanks, we'll put them in a song now.

The band have been going for ages - their first album released in 2002 and their US records have been released on uber-trendy Sub Pop. That's led to tours supporting The Shins and other truly awesome indie-pop bands, right where they belong!

10 Feb 2010

Listen again to the beautiful session from This Is The Kit here

Thanks again to the wonderful Kate Stables for coming on the show to play live, she is This Is The Kit and one half of Whalebone Polly too.

TOW has been dying to get her into the studio since hearing her John Parish produced album Krulle Bol last year, she did, and even played us a new song...

Thanks to Mark for making us Twitter-tastic too, check our tweets for pics from tonight's session - Otherwomanradio.

  TOW This Is The Kit 100210  by  ruthbarnes


*Caitlin Rose - Gorilla Man (Names)

*Lone Lady - Immaterial (Warp)

*Vuk -  The Plains (Pyramid)

*Green Blossoms - Hana Akari (Black Petal)

*Fists - Endlessly Dreaming (Hello Thor)

*Hila Baggio - Gush Forth My Tears (EnT-T)


*Birchwood Beaker

*Turnip Turned


*Veronica Falls - Found Love In A Graveyard (Trouble)

*Cate Le Bon - Shoeing The Bones (Irony Bored)

*BeaTricks - Contravention (Wagon Repair)

6 Feb 2010

6 Music: Timberlee and Victoria Falls

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am.

Pick 1 - Timberlee - Fashionista

TOW has been meaning to play some dancehall for Tom for ages. We've brought in Polish dubstep, twee American folk, Japanese electro and much more, we figured it was about time.

Timberlee is getting close to giving current 'First Lady of Dancehall' Lady Saw a run for her money. Although I don't think either of them would get very far in the mega heels they trot around in. In fact one of Timberlee's big hits from the last few years is a homage to those very 'Heels' that will give her varicose veins from hell in later life. But who cares! All in the name of a good record.

Produced by the mega-team of young dancehall warriors at Ward 21 in Kingston, Jamaica, she can't go wrong - Fashionista is our favourite, listen to it here on her myspace.

Pick 2 - Veronica Falls - Stephen

This band are such that makes TOW feel like we really don't know what we're talking about at all. They've come together from a number of other wee indie bands we've never come across *sigh* so much good music out there, so little time. You're probably more plugged in than we are - Sexy Kids, The Royal We and Your Twenties ring any bells?

Anyway, Patrick, Roxanne, James and Marion have come together to make some of the finest indie pop-rock we've heard in ages. It sounds like they grew up listening to the best of the shoe-gazers and The Smiths and are now giving us their own very fine take on it all.

Stephen is the B side to Found Love In A Graveyard which is out on Trouble Records on 1 March.

You'll have to listen again to Tom's show to hear it as it's not on their myspace page.

4 Feb 2010

Listen again to the brilliant Trash Kit in session and this week's playlist

Thanks to our live guests Trash Kit - their debut album is out next month on Upset The Rhythm.

And to our guest Professor Justin Spear who played us some tracks that are freaking him out right now.

Trash Kit are Rachel, Rachel and Ros. The Rachel's have been playing together in folky bands for a while now, they met Ros (from Electrelane) at a gig and shyly asked her to be in their band, the result it LOUD and fantastic.

  TOW Trash Kit 030210  by  ruthbarnes

*Wanda Jackson - Shakin' All Over - Third Man Records

*Liliput - Hitch Hike - Kill Rock Stars

*Slapp Happy - The Secret - Virgin

*Family Fodder - Film Music - Fresh Records

*She Trinity - Climb That Tree - President

*Je Suis Animal - Hotel Electric - Angular

*The Liggers - Death Wish - Hyped To Death

*TRASH KIT LIVE - Skin & Phone

*Barbara Moore - Work Out - Celeste (Japan)

*TRASH KIT LIVE - Filipino Woman


*Y Triban - Night In The City - Delay 68 Records

*Clothilde - Fallait Pas Ecraser La Queue Du Chat - Vogue