19 Jan 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful in 2010 pt 2: Madam

Madam - aka Sukie Smith (I am never 100 % sure which way to put that round... her name is Sukie Smith, she sings and plays as Madam) is working on a new album.

Photo by John Lee BIrd

Last night I met Sukie for a 'coffee' which turned into two pints on an empty stomach, for us two lightweights that means we were ranting on about something of which I can't really remember much... by around 7:30pm. Good work.

Madam released her debut album In Case Of Emergency in 2008, and followed it up swiftly with Fall On Your Knees, an EP in the summer of the same year. Both gorgeous, spooky, slightly weird and utterly fabulous records. The reviews flooded in, and phrases like: 'The fragile-voiced chateuse' were thrown around left, right and centre.

Since then she's recorded film soundtracks, made an album in Peter Gabriel's Real World studios and played live all over the shop. Sukie's not feeling very 'fragile-voiced' anymore. Listen to her version of Odetta's Waterboy, which she recorded for Wears The Trousers brilliant tribute album and you'll get the picture.

I've had a sneak preview of a new song. To prove just how finely tuned my musical ear is, I pointed out just how much I liked the recorders. Erm, those would be flutes, Ruth, flutes...

Madam's turning the vocals UP and singing out LOUD on this new material, we can't wait to hear it.

Watch this space for news and TOW will cajole her into the Resonance studios as soon as we can!