19 Jan 2010

6 Music: Trash Kit and White Hinterland

Every week TOW is lucky enough to pick two songs for Tom Robinson's brilliant BBC 6 Music show, the spot goes out every Monday morning at around 2:30am.

Pick 1: Trash Kit - Cadets

Pet hate: Music journalists using the phrase 'spikey guitar'. Why? Because it's usually referring to some two-bit indie skinny jeans boy band who are desperately trying to channel their inner Franz Ferdinand. Listen to Cadets here... aaargh! I've tried in vain to come up with something more creative and thoughtful but 'spikey guitar' is rattling round my head along with that oh-so-damn-catchy riff. 

I had to blog about this band because they are poised to be the 'it' band of the not so distant future. Ros Murray from Electrelane/Lesbo Pig is joined by Rachel A and Rachel H - who were massive fans of Ros's and one thing led to another. Rachel A and Rachel H also play in The Madrigals and Columbus and Crusoe and with Ros in Ray Rumours and the No-Eyed Deers. Keep up!

Tonight they play with MEN in Soho, featuring the awesome JD Samson from Le Tigre... and in a couple of weeks catch them at the east end's Cargo with Tune Yards, with whom TOW is obsessed. So many great 'DIY' bands out there and so little time.

When the thoroughly LOUD queer-punk duo Drunk Granny came and played live on TOW they couldn't stop raving about TK, and TK are name-checking them in interviews too. It's a very loyal scene. You can see DG play live at our myspace page.

Trash Kit are live in session on TOW on February 3rd - yippee!

Pick 2: White Hinterland - Bow & Arrow

TOW can't take any credit for coming across Casey Dienel, or White Hinterland as she is now known. The Portland, Oregon-based singer was brought to our attention by Alan Pedder who runs the excellent Wears The Trousers magazine. 

Alan's been onto her since she was making less psychey and more folky music as just Casey Dienel. All we can say is this track Bow & Arrow, which you can only hear if you listen back to Tom's show, really blew us away. Otherwise check out Icarus on her myspace page, Stereogum are giving it away free.