13 Jan 2010

New music tip for 2010 3: Divorce

"This is the future!" shouts one enthusiastic fan at a recent Divorce gig in east London. I was there watching the uber-loud, uber-shouty five-piece from Glasgow and had my hair blown back by what felt like an industrial-sized bad-ass hair dryer.

Sinead Youth's vocal stylings make my throat ache in sympathy. The 20 year old (yes, 20) screeches and yells her way through the four tracks on their debut EP Divorce: 'Early Christianity', 'Pipedown', 'Juice of Youth' and 'Scissor Fight'.

Listening to the EP you'd imagine this banshee-voiced chanteuse as a total hard nut punk, far too scary and intimidating to ask for an autograph. However, onstage Sinead cuts a rather sweet figure in a little green dress and a big pink hair clip to keep her thick blonde curly locks out of her eyes. When I talk to her after the gig she breathlessly thanks me and then introduces me to her Dad, who has just witnessed his first Divorce gig - his eyes were ever-so-slightly wild.

Backed by Andy, Vicky, Hillary and VSO this band are a sight to behold. Full of energy and with a punk spirit that is so, so, so addictive - yup, this is the future.