12 Jan 2010

New music tip for 2010 2: Rayzaflo

Rayzaflo is from Jackson, Mississippi and she makes phat rhymes. Yup, there's nothing sadder than someone like me trying to get down with the kidz and the flow. So I am going to stop. 

This young rapper is no doubt going the same way as Rye Rye who we fell for in 2008. The young star from Baltimore was picked up by DJ and producer Blaqstarr and then Ms. Paper Planes herself MIA swooped down from on high and took her under her wing. It seems the same is happening to Rayzaflo if her top friends are anything to go by.

'MYSELF I GOT MY OWN SWAGGA SO GET YOUR'Z!!!' she says on her myspace, leaving me head in hands wondering about whether I've ever had any 'swagga' and what the hell I've been doing with my life.