12 Jan 2010

New music tip for 2010 1: Vuk

Vuk is a Finnish-American force of nature, who says "the pump organ is a very underrated instrument". But of course! Her second album Plains is out now and I missed her perform at Barden's Boudoir a few months ago. Darn it. 

Vuk, is mainly the lady in the picture with the fox on her head. Ah-hem. She writes everything and plays what you hear on her albums, but live she enlists friends Loupine and Janne Lastumäki to form a trio. 

Vuk are genre-busting, if there was an impromptu rap on one of the tracks I'd say that would pretty much do it. What album is complete without an impromptu rap? Now that's a whole other topic for another time. Dark, mysterious, funny and completely melodramatic - TOW loves Vuk.