20 Jan 2010

Mira Calix on The Other Woman - listen again!

Listen again to Mira Calix - her playlist with her inspirational tracks is below. Except Twin Sister, that's ours...

  TOW Mira Calix 200110  by  ruthbarnes

*Twin Sister - I Want A House - Vampire With Dreaming Kids (Twin Sister)

*Clifford & Calix - In Her Room - Lost Foundling (Aperture)

*E.S.G. - You're No Good - Come Away With Me (99 Records)

*Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Feeling Of Gaze - Bavarian Fruit Bread (Nettwerk Productions)

*PJ Harvey - My Beautiful Leah - Is This Desire (Island)

*Pram - The Mermaid Hotel - The Museum Of Imaginary Animals (Merge)

*Clifford & Calix - Myrie - Lost Foundling (Aperture)